Experiences with Customer Care-A conversation



The conversation is a very close replication of an ‘actual’ conversation. The ‘Travelsitedotcom’ is the Indian based travel planning site Goibibo.com

‘The 2 months – no parcel’ is a slight exaggeration at the time of writing this, but given the fact that I haven’t received an update from them, I’m sure this will cease to be an exaggeration soon.

Bangalore Chronicles- The first 3 months!

Was it a dream?

No. But it does feel like one, now; not in the dreamy sort of way, but, you know, like a dream?

I still remember opening the door to my 1BHK apartment in a cluttered lane in Bangalore. After briefly estimating the space, I concluded that the large windows in the hall were suitable enough for me to sit and read the Hindu newspaper, in peace. I also imagined mild rains in the backdrop to enhance the appeal of the small room to my senses.

“It’s not great, but I might end up liking this house if I could do what I just imagined”, I reinstated my thoughts to myself, even as I went about arranging the mattresses on the floor in the next room.

My roomie interrupted my reverie.

“Shall I hang these green curtains here?”, she asked pointing to the windows in our bedroom.

I nodded.

[Let me now introduce you to my roomie, ST- I vaguely remember her. She was like that innocent belle from the country side, in a nice sort of a way, I guess.

She was a messy cook who left the kitchen like a bomb blast zone after cooking; she would listen to romantic songs on the eve of Valentines day and would talk about her ambitions of becoming X,Y and Z. I never really spent time with her- thanks to my other relationships, but there were some things quintessential about her, that are hard to forget]

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MBA essays- How to write (an overview)

MBA application questions

I’ve been quite busy- writing my essays, getting them reviewed and rewriting them, for some weeks now. I’ve also been giving a couple of admission interviews over the last month. I was a Round 2 applicant, although I wrote my GMAT in July 2013. Why didn’t I make it to the Round 1?

Well, it took me a lot of time to figure out what I wanted to do. I had no idea how/where to start. I knew that the GMAT was Step 0, but what next? I was confused.

Almost all schools claim to put an emphasis on your holistic profile over any singular aspect. I took this quite seriously and applied to 20 schools!!! I just did’t know which one would pick me ‘for certainty’ and which one wouldn’t.

To me, doing an MBA was important and in the process, I failed to consider a lot of other aspects that were more important than just the desire to do an MBA. From hindsight, I guess  I discovered a lot of answers about myself during the application process – more than I did before starting one. In this post, I shall try to give an overview on my take-aways from this process:

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The Wife- 55 fiction



“KAMALA!!! I need my coffee”, the old man called out to his wife.

*no response*

“She has gone deaf…She doesn’t care for me like she used to”, he muttered to himself.

Slowly, he ambled his way towards the bedroom.

“Wake up Kamala”, he said as he opened the door to an empty bed

When Valli met Ponnan


A fierce storm had taken Valli’s family away from her. Alas!

What would she do without her family? Hadn’t her world revolved around them? Her grandfather was there in another village of course, but, wouldn’t her presence prove to be a burden on him at his age?

Immersed in thoughts, she let herself be consumed by the fury of the river.

Suddenly she felt strong hands clasp her waist.

Next thing she knew, she woke up looking at the face of Ponnan-a handsome boatman she would later marry.

The storm had been a ‘blessing in disguise’ for Valli, after all :-)


The incident described above is from a novel by the author Kalki (in Tamil)- Parthiban Kanavu. I was reading this book recently and found it immensely interesting. I would suggest this book for all those who are interested in learning about the south Indian history. In fact, this author is famous for his historical novels ‘Ponniyin selvan’ and ‘Sivagamiyin Sabhadham’. For all those who are not acquainted with the tamil language, the English translations are available too :-)


This Post has been written for the ” 100 Words on Saturday – 11″ prompt -Blessing in Disguise :-)

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