Taming the Taxes


As a huge fan of the superstar, I didn’t want to miss out on watching the movie- First Day First Show (FDFS). As I nervously browsed through the various ticket booking sites trying to grab myself a seat, a chartered accountant friend of mine- Sheela- casually remarked:

“I wish people are half as worried about filing their taxes, as they are about watching the superstar!”

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6⁰- Game of Blogs Book Review


I’ve often wondered what a crowd-sourced piece of work would sound like. How can disparate artists come together to create a quality product without having those creative differences and the artist’s ego? Would that even work?

Six degrees- Game of blogs: Blogadda’s edition of 3 different stories with similar characters, written by a team of writers dispels those notions about “being the creator or the artist”; more importantly, it shows how “team work” works!

Before we delve into the review, let’s take a look at the characters across these stories (all 3 stories have common characters).


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Hey There, You!

Inveterate notions surround our lives.

Think about this:

We believe in some things because our parents, their parents, their parent’s parents and so on believed in it.

While development in technology and social media has exposed us to different perspectives from around the world, we still continue to hold on to some of these beliefs- sometimes for sentimental reasons and sometimes, for convenience.

What if people could break out of that inertia and act differently for the better of the world? What if future generations could enjoy a life- free of gender discrimination, societal judgments, nit-picking and ego-triggered decisions?

Here are some 55 fictions- crisp stories that could show all men and women how normal the life of “equality by choice” can be.

These stories are applicable to all. While it may seem like there is a greater favor towards the women, remember this: “It is she who is fighting the harder battle against the society, and her own clan now”.


I hope you enjoy these stories while also relishing the subtle message hidden in these tales:

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As a child growing up in the early 90s, I remember watching this movie star with awe; I was a huge fan and would watch all his movies with my mouth wide open!

In 2016, I still am a big fan, but, if I could go back in time to change that 1 thing about his movies, I would change those male dominated dialogues that featured in most of them. Not just his movies- umpteen others’ featured such dialogues. Situationally, those  might have made an impact on screen, but, objectively, those dialogues were pertinent even to a man- a message seldom conveyed in those movies. This in turn, led to the penetration of ideas on ‘how women should be’, ‘what they should do’ and so on in some ways …

As Indians, we are immensely influenced by the movies that we watch; we idolize our stars who are nothing short of demigods for many of us. And, having grown up watching these male stars dominate their female leads -sometimes in an uncharacteristic and yet an imposing way, we are tuned to believing that that is how it should be.


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The Bestseller She Wrote- book review


I have read some (not all) of Ravi Subramanian’s books, and I have liked them. Often revolving around the ‘Banking’ sector, his books have a good sense of thrill and suspense to them. The author’s personal experience in the domain also adds a flavor to reading-one can feel an insight into the real business world through his books.

Ravi’s latest book- “The bestseller she wrote” features a bank too – but only in its backdrop. Straying away from his forte, the author has attempted to intersperse romance and relationships with a thriller like story and has managed to do a commendable job given the first attempt of this nature.

Beginning on a slow note with several scenes featuring the protagonists- Aditya and Shreya, the book picks up pace and ends rather in a cliché like twist! Let’s take a brief look into the characters of this plot before delving into the review!

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