Psst… Tomorrow is coming!

“Cricket is a game of 11, watched by 11000 fools”- G.B. Shaw.

My mom loves him, but, my dad hates this chap.

“Why would anyone hate cricket. One who hates cricket is no human!” he would sometimes utter in an emotional tone.

But, mom often has her way, and dad has to watch the serial about the arrogant CEO with a young daughter and new wife- even when there is a India-Vs-Pakistan match on TV.

10 years back, this might have been a cruel thing to do to dad, but, thanks to technology and multiple channels available for streaming, this ain’t a problem anymore. He can sit beside mom, giving her company, while continuing to follow the match on his smart phone. He just learned about the UC Cricket way to get updated, and he seems to love the speed!

Sweet, huh? :-)

But wait!

I suppose in this world, you always take things with a pinch of salt; bitter sweet (whoever coined this word must have been a really wise man!)

I remember my friend complaining about her boyfriend the other day. Apparently, when she was running a high temperature of 106 degrees, her  boyfriend had poured the medicine into her nose instead of in her mouth (uff!). He had his nose to the laptop- watching the live streaming of an i20 game- when he committed this unforgivable sin! What followed next is probably not worth this story, but, you get the point don’t you?


A couple of years ago, we would listen to cricket updates on the radio while traveling- shuttling between the music station and the cricket station; music for mom& co. and cricket for dad & co. My granddad still talks about standing in front of the Hindu newspaper office to get the cricket match updates. Good old days, he says!

And then of course, the TV showrooms! Even today, people continue to watch cricket matches on TVs displayed in TV showrooms…

In many ways, these means were, convenient for people to watch the match on the go!

Internet has penetrated the world to replace these traditional means, and in a nice way too. But, even today, these age-old ways (to stay updated) continue to charm many people in some inconspicuous and some evident ways…


Amazon echo, a speech recognition device was introduced a couple of months back. Apple, Microsoft- all have their own versions…

Today, it is live streaming on smartphones and laptops. Tomorrow, it could be getting live updates with “running commentary” using devices like Echo.

“Alex Pandian! Can you stream the match for me?”, you say to your device.

Lo behold! The live match commentary is brought to your home even without a cable TV connection!

“I want to see it on TV”, you say.. And, the smart TV in your home powers on to play the match.

“I am going out. Continue streaming on phone”- you direct your device.

And, the TV is switched off and phone is alive with the match….

The power of technology will amaze the world tomorrow- much more than it does, today. And then, you can live your life doing multiple things while staying connected to all!

If you enjoy “that” world, pssstttt…. It’s happening very soon :-)

If technology suffocates you, please plant trees… The earth needs more of them too! :-)


Try this one out: . It’s cool and fast!

Check this out too!

Tryst with Stress

“Stress” – a word that has become synonymous with life;

The CEO, the PARENT, the SCHOOLGOER- everybody is stressed; isn’t it so rife?

A couple of months back, owing to an unexpected turn of events, I was a victim of stress; I was a nervous wreck, and I just couldn’t think straight.

I would snarl at my friends face-to-face,

and scoff at my Facebook friends with happy status updates.


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55 fiction & Sweet Inspiration

55 fictionsHow the RewardMe articles impacted the day to day lives of 4 different characters

1. Maya

“Kiddo, are you hungry?

Mamma is going to prepare something special for you…

The snack will be quick,

And tasty,

And easy to make…

With olive oil, walnut and pepper flakes,

Lemon, chickpeas and garlic…

Tada tadadadadadadiccc….”

She hummed the lines, as she began to make hummus– patting her bulging stomach and with a smile.

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The Traveller’s Notebook- Bangkok

It has been an interesting “2 weeks” here at Bangkok (pretty much as a lone traveler)!

I never thought I would make it here, alive – especially after those excruciating days of shuttling between the Spanish and the Thai embassies in DC (long enough for another blog post).

But I did. And boy! Am I glad?

Bangkok the city

Bangkok is a wonderful city- full of life. It is easy to move around this place which boasts of a well- connected transportation system- Skytrain, metros, taxis (pink ones feel cheaper than the green ones), tuk-tuks (costlier than the taxis- akin to autorickshaws in India) and of course, the motorbikes.


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Snippets of happiness

Happiness is when I experience emotions and experiences for the first time, and then, again and again :-)

Do you remember the first time when you saw snow? Those white angels falling on earth and covering all things around you with a white velvety blanket?

I do. And it made me smile.

Do you remember the first time when you made money, and dropped it in your piggy bank (hearing the clanking sound)?

I do, and it made my face light up with glee.

Do you remember the first time your loved ones surprised you with a visit?

I do, and it made me happy.

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The StorE

She switched on her phone- small, cute and comfy’

It was running on the latest Android version- wasn’t that cool and Sexy?

She downloaded her favorite apps- Whatsapp, clean master and of course the mobile security,

She then changed her wallpaper to Blue- to suit her phone’s grip shell- wasn’t that funky?

She twisted her hand to switch on her camera and took a selfie;

And posted it on Facebook- it was going to be her new DP!

She downloaded Candy crush saga next and played till level twenty;

Suddenly remembering that for the next physics class she needed a slinky.

She then installed Flipkart, bought the slinky, and also a birthday present for her friend Jinki;

She resumed playing Candy crush until she reached level fifty.

Then she wanted to read the news- she installed ET*

15 minutes later, with the phone’s battery still strong at 60%, she felt (yawn) sleepy,

She set the alarm, turned on the assist sleep mode and slipped into mode : dreamy…

In the morning, another day would start- bright and sunny;

And life would move on- oh! that timeless story…

Hey! Did you notice that each line in this post ends with the sound of E?

No surprises here- her phone was a brand new Moto E! :-)

*ET- Economic Times P.S: This post has been written for Moto E in association with Indiblogger Image Source: AboveAndroid, ET,Candy Crush, Facebook, Whatsapp

Go- A Traveller’s Scribbling


Travel is invigorating.

I like taking time off to travel; gazing at nature’s bounties while time slides into an eternity.

The spirit of nature – the silent whisper of the wind, the dance of the trees, and the scent of petrichor- they never fail to bring a smile of satisfaction on my lips…

And, again, not always is nature the biggest reason for me to travel- food is another; the company of people is yet another…

As I reminisce those good old days of travel, food and fun, I can’t help but feel a sense of contentment- life is great if you decide to make it that way…

About 10 months back, we decided to travel. It was an ad-hoc journey; unplanned and on the fly.

The places weren’t new, but the experience most definitely was.

After a short day at work, we drove further and further into the road connecting us to the Bangalore-Coimbatore highway, stopping briefly at Adayar Anand Bhavan for a light evening snack. Coimbatore was going to be our destination from Cochin.

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