Beep Beep

Thursday 11:20 PM

Just got back from work!

Thursday 12:20 AM

Had Sambhar rice with cauliflower for dinner. I’m tired. Going to sleep z..z..zz…

Friday 7:00 AM

Good morning honey! :-) Last day of the week… Looking forward to the weekend!!!

Friday 5:00 PM

My boss is the cruelest man on earth…Friday evening & he wants me to finish the report, and  just when I was about to leave. :-(:-(

Friday 7:00 PM

I wish you were here to take me to movies- like you always would on Fridays…I miss you… :-(

Poo sat on her bed and clicked on the send arrow.

The phone by her bedside beeped; it was his phone. She noticed that the charge was low and she plugged it in…

**Long after he was gone from her life, his phone continued to give her company, and, her life went on…**

Chances- A rambling


When she as eighteen,

On doing commerce she was keen;

But, they said, pick engineering- it is evergreen!

And that’s what changed her life’s scene….


Those 4 years ran fast

And soon it became her past;

Yet her past followed her like a ship’s mast

She didn’t like it; she was aghast!


And then, she thought….

Life had  given her chances.

To make her own advances;

When she chose other’s views to choreograph her dances,

What followed were catastrophic avalanches!

Follow your heart’s desires to save yourself of your regrets...

-Seriocomiker & many others

Cute Mister Piggy

Cute pig

Cute Mr.Piggy was happy with joy!

But, he expressed it not

For he was a big boy,

And, (his mom had told him) ‘Big Boys don’t emote a lot’!


Cute Mr. Piggy wanted to cry

But, he expressed it not

For he was a big guy

And, (his mom had told him) ‘Big guys don’t emote a lot’!


Then one fine day, Cute Mr. piggy met a gal

And, he wanted to be her pal,

But Alas! He couldn’t bring himself to say so,

for, his practice over years had finally led to this woe

Note from the author:

“Expressing” is a gift that many of us don’t possess. In my limited experience, I’ve met people who can’t bring themselves to say “I love you”, “Take care” etc., even if they mean to say so! Some even consider these words (to be) a sign of weakness!

By no means is this a fault, but, wouldn’t life be easier if all of us could say what we feel?

All said and done, I do not wish to propagate the idea of expression , through these verses above. In my limited experience, again, people DO tend to communicate through other means, such as through their eyes, and that works perfectly fine too, if not better!

Cute Mr. Piggy here tried to suppress his emotions! Now, that’s not great at all… Emotions need to take a form, and that’s definitely not suppression! That’s probably what I’ve meant to convey here…With success? That’s for you, as a reader to say!




When cancer took Peter away,

Jane wanted to go too

And so, every day she would pray:

“Dear lord, what have I left here? Take me too!”


One day, John came by,

He was tall, considerate and sweet;

Jane’s life found meaning around this guy

She was in Love, again; He had swept her off her feet!


“Dear lord! I want to live again”, she prayed

She dreamt of her beautiful life as she walked on the street.

Crashhhhhh! The lorry with a bad brake swayed!

Alas! For Jane, Life had mocked with conceit…


Ramblings on Sivagamiyin Sabhadham- A novel by Kalki



We all have our baskets full of regrets- the “Oh! I should have done this” moments… Well, well….I’m no exception. I have mine too, and I had added this regret to my list when I had begun reading the English translation of Kalki’s Ponniyin selvan (translated by C V Karthik Narayanan). I was hooked to the narration until I reached the 4th Volume of the book. When I laid it down, I had no more books to pick up and read. What was going to happen next? The story remained incomplete! Restlessness attacked my mind, and I was eager to know the ending, but alas!!! In the absence of the translated books (that were becoming hard to procure), I decided to read the ubiquitous tamizh version of the novel. However, my grasp over the language proved a deterrent- for, although I could speak well, my ability to read through tamizh texts was very limited, and painstakingly slow. With a heavy heart, I let go of my mission, temporarily. Life moved on.

I read Mario Puzos and John Greens and even watched the Game of thrones episodes. None of these could capture my imagination the way Ponniyin selvan did.

I stumbled upon Parthiban Kanavu, by Kalki the other day- an English translation again! The narration was gripping. I could see Parthiban and Vikraman come alive before my eyes. But, even while absorbing the incidents, a thought suddenly stuck me: “If translations could be so powerful in their narrations, how strong would the original version be?” This thought remained etched in my mind, and I suddenly found myself regretting over my tamizh reading abilities. I wanted to revel in those beautiful moments captured in Kalki’s novels by reading his works in the language in which he had written them. I knew that translations would serve their purpose in conveying the content, but, only the language could express the beauty as imagined by the artist.

A couple of days later, my thirst to read Kalki’s works surfaced again. I had learned a great deal of things about his novel “Sivagamiyin Sabhadham” from my grandmother, who had been a voracious reader during her younger days. I started surfing the internet for this work, and to my satisfaction, found the audio CD of this novel, narrated in Tamizh! I listened, and after close to 48 hrs, the CD came to an end. What a great work! What vivid imaginations!!! I felt like I had witnessed the scenes with my own eyes; I felt like I had lived during the times of the great Pallavas; I felt a close association with the characters; I thought I had been their emotions.

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What’s up, Earth?

In a far away planet called XS345, a group of young students gathered to learn about life on another planet called Earth. Their ancestors had analyzed the earthlings using the CR- 11 technology , and had documented the characteristics of their sample set in ASTRA- a book on ‘life elsewhere.’

Turn to the chapter on humans and Whatsup groups“, the wizened teacher instructed her class.

This is an interesting episode in the life of earthlings- an important indicator of their personalities“, she continued.

XSTUD 1, read it out loud to the class, now“, she pointed to the student with the loudest voice.


XSTUD 1 began reading:

“Whatsup was an invention that was originally invented to help friends and relatives with smart phones be in touch, free of cost. It was one of the first of its kind, and became an instant hit among people of all genders and age groups.

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The Guru and his Disciple


28th April 2014

10: 30 AM

The wizened old man sat on the raised platform, eyes closed. His audience sat facing him- imitating his pose.

“Om!”- the silent mantra resonated across the room.

10:45 AM

Slowly, the old man opened his eyes, and gently asked his audience to do the same. His gaze fell upon a young lad, seated across the room.

10:48:43 AM

Gazing into the young man’s eyes, the guru uttered-“I want you to visit me tomorrow! Do come, if you are free!”

10:48:53 AM

The room gasped with wonder! A lady in the corner of the room remarked: “This is astonishing. This is the first time that the guru has invited someone personally to attend his sessions”

The lad’s neighbours whispered: “You should attend it. This is a one-time opportunity!

Envious eyes fell upon the lad who beamed with happiness.

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Experiences with Customer Care-A conversation



The conversation is a very close replication of an ‘actual’ conversation. The ‘Travelsitedotcom’ is the Indian based travel planning site

‘The 2 months – no parcel’ is a slight exaggeration at the time of writing this, but given the fact that I haven’t received an update from them, I’m sure this will cease to be an exaggeration soon.