Well, i ve always been nagged by “one” question :- ” WHO is a GENIUS?”.The question may seem a bit hmmm, say , doltish , but , the answer is convoluted with every plausible response to it , leading to another question..

Now, lemme make myself clear here .In the current scenario , this word “GENIUS” seems to be used in very loose terms.The word has lost its significance in the “classic sense”. A person who is an expert at ,lets say , “glib talk “, is considered a genius !!!While on one hand , its an irrefutable fact that these people, with an eloquent tongue are gifted (with the gift of gab), a certain demarcation has to between them and the ones truly endowed with the “gift of high intellect”..Here , lemme make myself clearer …I m not here to say that the world needs to applaud the “einsteins” and disesteem the ones who are not ..All that i m trying to say here is that the world needs to stop hailing the “gregarious talkers” as prodegies and start focussing on identifying “real talent”..

{pl. i may have sounded cynical ..after all , its one’s personal choice to tag who is a genius and who isnt..

n my limited experience , i’ve come across people who feel quite justified in calling the sweet tongued ones as geniuses ..well , its not for me to correct them …my stance in this is jus this :-“pl don’t use the adjectives “genius ” or “intelligent”..something like smart /shrewd would suffice !?}


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