I’ve lived in chennai ,all my life ….but sadly , i don’t know my neighborhood quite well enough and , i fell a victim to my own negligence very recently.It all began this way ………
(pl:from here on , lemme use “we” instead of “i” ,’coz more people are involved in this episode!!!)

“Yet another day of “INDUSTRIAL TRAINING” was what we anticipated , but , as fate would have it , it didnt turn out that way . We were deprived of our usual transportation back home;-(((..So , we decided to do the next best thing (or so , we thought !!)-catch the bus . But ,it was not an easy task . The workplace had no bus stands in its vicinity and so , step 0 was to catch an auto to the bus stand (please ,if u were thinking that we could’ve walked, lemme tell u…WALKING is definitely out of question .. as chennaites often say, albeit jocularly , ” in chennai , there are only 3 seasons -summer , summer’er’ and summer’est’, and MAY refers to the summerest ..{are we justified??} ).Now,simple enough , but , here again we were faced with another problem -which bus stand(there were 2 or 3 bus stands in that area) ??? Neophytes , as we were , in the art of “travelling by bus”, we resorted to the auto anna for guidance , and did he guide us ??He dropped us at a place and said,beaming widely: “This is your stop,ma..!!! “. We promptly paid his fare and even thanked him , but ,min later , it struck us that it was the wrong bus stand ,and that we had to travel another km to reach the correct one ..So , this time , we decided to walk (“not willing to trust auto drivers ,anymore”) …But ,the journey seemed never ending ,and, we were not even remotely close to viewing anything that looked like a bus stand!!!So, we decided to gamble again …we hailed another auto (this time , we made sure , the driver looked experienced !!) and gave him our specifications …well , now , coming to think abt it , i guess ,we confused him , ‘coz , he dropped us at some big depot and said :”u’ll find buses to all destinations here ..!!!?”…
We felt relieved .. Afterall , we were getting somewhere ….But the story did not end there … Apparently , the depot too didn’t have any buses to our destination :-(again a deadlock !!)…
However,this time ,lady luck decided to smile at us , finally , and a bus conductor came to our rescue …he “put” us in a bus that took us to “destination intermediate” , from where we caught another bus to reach our final destination .!!!!

uff!!! THAT ENDS THE STORY …(bt it was a lesson learnt the hard way …i’ve ,since then made it a point to follow all the road routes , whenever i travel …

this incident opened my eyes to the reality … true , i’ve been in chennai for a long time , bt , i was always under the protective umbrella of my parents …exploring the place on my own was like an adventure to me -filled with things that were new and exciting …Though , it was tiresome to come back home the way we did , strangely , i want to do it again , bcoz it was a learning experience for me..hmmm…maybe , someday , i shall know my city in and out ….)”


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