Note: You are about to encounter the ramblings of a booooored youth hoping to kill time by blogging………

“Who is our biggest enemy ??”….seems like a very stereotypical question ,doesn’t it??….From a political point of view , answers are aplenty : corruption , poverty,unemployment etc etc…But, for a moment ,lets look at it from a deeper perspective , rather than superficially handling it …

The world is a frenzied place(no second thoughts abt it , right ??) and the word ” competition ” is its sole dictator…Its absolutely impossible for any living soul
(even toddlers , for that matter:thanks to parents who place the burden of high expectations on their progenies, right from the day they are born.:-p) to escape from its clutches…”Satisfaction” is a word that simply doesn’t exist..Every day is a tenebrous battle,fought without a well defined purpose… Our priorities are obnubilated , 9 out of 10 times , and mostly , we are driven by the preferances of the society , rather than our own..Doing something out of passion is clearly different from doing something out of pressure and, it is the latter that is most often incorporated in order to subsist(after all , it boils down to survival of the fittest ,doesn’t it?)…Now , lets get back to the rudimentary question and try answering it from deep within our conscience…After all , ”

we” succumb to societal pressures ..”we” fall an easy prey to cupidity and do things that are ,but otiose …”we” define, and add dimensions to the word competition and prefer to run the rat race , rather than follow our heart’s desire ….”we” prefer to follow inveterate ideas and have reservations to think and act out of the box …
So aren’t “we” our biggest enemies ???{pl: i’m not saying that competition is a bane to the society-in fact , its essential for any progress to occur …in my humble opinion , competing with oneself is the best possible way to compete…}


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