(Read this post if you are in a mood for serious stuff..This is a self-introspection post “of sorts” by the author)

“RAIN” ,instigates in me , an insatiable desire to write ; to express my thoughts…it kindles my deeply buried memories in a very strange way that i transpose myself to a different world ….

Sitting by the window in my grand mother’s house , looking at the tiny droplets of water trickling down the leaves of the lemon tree , i am thrown off guard into a sort of a nostalgia over an incident that happened very recently at a wedding ….
It was not an out of the ordinary sort of a happening . In fact , it would be germane to even tag it as “mundane”-Just a group of us playing the game of cards all day long (taking short breaks inbetween only toplacate our appetites!!!)…What made it a worthwhile event was its rarity…

In this fast paced world , people hardly find time for themselves , let alone for their families. Functions like a marriage give us an excuse to free ourselves from the web locks of work and connect with our kith n kin…I found myself enjoying every moment of it ,with a renewed vigour.There was “Love” splashed everywhere with an unsaid note -“we care for you”.If there is one thing that bolsters up our self confidence, it is the feeling of “being wanted” and I found myself drenched in their affection…

well, i had always believed that “solitude” gave me a lot of creative space ; a kind of an inner peace..but i was proved wrong…Granted ,I ve been to several other social gatherings , but , I was just not “that” extrovert .. Hostel life has brought abt a  change in my attitude towards people, I must admit…I feel more positive about “myself”..It seems like a much bigger world than being just about “aaargh!!, well , never mind.”….
(pl: “THE WORLD IS SHRINKING” -its a very popular phrase …I m saying , well let it …After all , a shrinking world brings people together , right ??Its definitely a welcome change!!!!)



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