I’m kinda tempted to voice my views on the most recent publicity of gay rights and the subsequent high court judgement on section 377.But , much has been said and written abt it, already .So, i’m gonna write about something else – something that hurt me emotionally..
A “feeble bleet” drew my attention while i was walking back home .Turning towards the sound , to my utter shock , i witnessed a lamb being slaughtered in the most barbarous way.Taken aback for a moment , at the sight of this atrocity, i stood there , paralysed by the callous deed.The helpless cry of the lamb kept echoing back and forth in my ears , seconds after its dead torso was lifted without the least bit of concern ,by the butcher…I felt like i had witnessed a cold blooded murder and all that i could do about it was just “feel bad” !! It was then that this thought struck me :- “Why do human beings , the most evolved of all the species , resort to such means of virulity to merely placate their appetites??”

Well ,no doubt, consuming animals supplements the body with certain essential nutrients , but , is it the only way to maintain good health? With tremendous advancements in science , is it not possible to resort to alternative means ??
Some may even justify themselves of this coarse act of consuming animal flesh by quoting examples from the vedic texts. After all ,even the virtuous Pandavas fed on meat …Granted , they did , but that was for survival in places where vegetation was scarce , not for pleasure..If some things can be avoided , then why not refrain from doing it ??
All said and done , for a moment , lets imagine a situation where the roles are reversed..”Animals feeding on humans – not for survival , but for sheer pleasure -to assuage their taste buds”…would we welcome it ???
Its time the world started welcoming vegetarianism with wide open hands.No doubt , this issue has been raised by ardent animal rights activists and it is definitely not a herculean task to achieve this ..All it requires is “co-operation ” from the people’s side..


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