Blogging is an addiction , and I guess i’ve fallen unwittingly into its clutches….However skimble skambled my thoughts are , i’m pushed to express it in my blog…This time , its about human nature….

( pl : I may not be the most qualified person to write about something as intricate as the human nature . But , what i have to say here isn’t all that complicated..its just a folksy thought … )


well , its indeed an uncanny thing that all homo sapiens expect “complaisance”…It seems like there is no place in this world for the so called frankness . People prefer to live a life filled with lies rather than face the reality . An honest opinion in any regard is considered contemptuous !!The society does not take kindly to criticism and its an offense to say anything that is not expected to be said !!
I’m not being excessively severe in my allegations against the mentality of people . After all , its nice to hear good things about oneself , all the time :-p (thanks to vanity and ego)…All that i’m saying is that the world is full such people and we’ve sort of accepted it the way it is …Its safer to be silver tongued and stay in the good books rather than being conscientious and getting into the bad books!!!!…

{This thought crossed my mind all of sudden and now it has slipped past it as suddenly as it had struck it..maybe i’ll enunciate my thoughts further in my later posts ;-)))) }


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