Huff !! Its almost time to get back to college !! After having spent two glorious months at home doing jus two things predominantly : eating and sleeping(n of course , blogging ) , its kinda disheartening to even think about going back :-((((

But , to be fair , college life isn’t a drag..On the contrary , its uber fun (u know , its jus the work part of it that bugs me the most !! sounds cliched,eh ??)…Time jus flies by …I still remember my first day in the hostel , and it feels like it happened only yesterday !!

I was allocated 101 , a room adjacent to the warden’s room and i thought to myself, “woah!! nice beginning !!” .. I didn’t stay in that room for long, though -jus one night , to be precise (thank god !!) ..I convinced the warden somehow that i wanted to be with my friend from chennai who was in 111 -it was a hard struggle ,convincing the lady Hitler ,u know ? it actually took a white lie to make her wave a green flag to my request-“combined studies would be easier if i were given a room with my friend !!”(pl:(ahem,ahem) i know ,i know ,its k..its all in the game ….)….
Well , after moving to “111” , there was no looking back ..It was sheer paradise…We were 4 of us in the room : 1 from lucknow-gunnewaale , 1 from patna- chandrewaale, and 2 of us from chennai-me and divvs(hey !!do u like this name , D ??) ..
“The 111 (s)crew”,we proudly proclaimed ourselves !!!!

(We put up a poster , working all night on it , which read “BORN TO PARTY , maED TO F.S “)
We were 4 different specimens , all sharing the same nomenclature-“WACKOS” ; a strange medley of people grouped together under the same roof ,who buried all differences and took to each other in an amiable way..Debates were a common thing and it was a sort of a conduit for the exchange of ideas ..Very often ,we would discuss about the cultural differences in the north and the south ..Sometimes , it would be something really absurd and crazy …sometimes , it would be outright childish , like the ones with divvs- we were the “tom and jerry couple ” of the room , always refuting each other on trivial matters..It was fun though , i must admit…
Besides being the wackiest 4 , we were also the dirtiest 4!!!..We took to cleaning the room once in ,hmmm never mind (a slightly higher frequency during the time of exams ,so as to not fall sick ..we were really health conscious , u c..) , much to the appallation of the cleaning lady , who would have to compile oodles of dirt from 1 room in a single sweep !!! There was even a time when all four of us put up with a dead cockroach in the room for days till the next sweeping session!!!
Well , although i had not really intended on doing combined studies earlier , it became a routine in our room ..English and history were the subjects we enjoyed learning (all 4 of us would take our resp. positions on the bed and study continually , inventing acronyms for remembering the various points..I’m actually tempted to mention the particular episode where we created an imaginary situation to remember points from the “Ignited minds”, but , with great restrain, i refrain myself from doing it !!)
A lotta other episodes marked our life in “111” , like gunne jumping to grab the water bottle , chandre sleeping with the book in her hand , divvs dancing with gunne , gunne and chandre trying to learn tamil and me in turn talking to them in broken hindi , divvs singing in her high pitched voice , watching hindi movies(remember the joodha akbar experience?!! ) with translators ;and the magnum opus of all – the family song (our first one was the song DATING from the movie “boys”)!!!…
well , sometimes ,in life we cannot go back in time to feel the pleasure of such things and its here that
“I MISS MY 111 ”


2 thoughts on “ONE ONE ONE!!!

  1. Divya Ravi says:

    Wow!The 111 nostalgia is really hitting hard upon me now..we did have some real good times,all priceless..n coming to think of it,we were definitely 4 of a kind in the same room! Can never ever forget our group studies which actually created history in the A Block..Don't think we could have ever had a better start to coll life:)..Thanks 4 puttin up dis post dudette!

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