HINDI ??(pl. noooooooooooooo!!!!)

Huff!! After a hiatus, I’m back to blogging (finally) !!! 

Nothing much has been happening, though …. Jus the same old prosaic day to day concerns of a typical college student, dragging her feet through boring lecture hours (to fulfill the 85%attendance requirement!! GOD , 75 % wuz hard enough to maintain , and now 85 ??!!!??) , knocking something together for the assignments, facing the exams, quizzes etc etc etc ….

But WAIT !!! Don’t write off this article as another lamenting episode of a bored college goer (at least , not yet !!! ), because the previous lines were just for a warm up !!!Here’s what i actually have to say :

Well , the milieu in my college facilitates interaction with people from all over India.
Now ,that’s Gr8 , isn’t it ?? I agree too , but here’s the catch ….A preponderance of them speak in Hindi and ONLY IN HINDI and that’s not gr8 at all !!! I’m a tamilian, and I definitely don’t fancy talking in hindi. Not that I detest it altogether , but given an option , I would rather prefer to converse in English than in hindi !!

But life is not always about what you like , its sometimes just about accepting things the way they are and going ahead …

“arey !! tum hindi nahi bolthi ho ,kya?? !!! “- this was a standard question that I wuz tortured with ,during my early days in the college , and my conventional reply to it was : ” ji, han ! mujhe hindi nahi maalum ” (those were the only lines I knew in hindi , besides the titles of hindi movies starring shah rukh khan (lol) !!I could understand the language to a certain extent , but talking was something hard !!).I was often tempted to ask : ” arey !! tum english nahi bolte ho , kya !??! “

As time passed by , I picked up a few sentences, here and there like : “bahut bhuk lag rahi hai”, ” neendh aa rahi hai” , “kya tumne assignment chapa??”, “accha , ek baat batao …”, “chodo , yaar ..” ,”mazak kar rahi hun”,”bakwaas bandh kar”…….(ahem ,please bear with my spellings !!i’m a novice when it comes to hindi !!)

Grammar was a big hindrance,too !! There is no neutral gender in hindi , unlike in Tamil where inanimate things are referred to by a neutral gender !! I had to pause intermittently while speaking to verify if I was using the right gender or not ( my hindi was a constant source of entertainment for my north-Indian room mates , you know ??!!)….

As time progressed further , I learnt to talk full sentences in hindi ; thanks to the unceasing efforts put forth by my friends who made it a point to correct me whenever I made a mistake ( pl. actually the reason for their efforts was that they couldn’t bear my hindi diction , but had to somehow put up with it as I was determined to learn hindi , somehow or the other!!)

Two years have passed ,now… I still can’t claim that I’ve mastered the language , but , what I can claim (with regrets , though) is that , in the process of learning hindi , I’ve sorta lost touch of tamil , so much so that i constantly use the words “arey yaar!! ” instead of its close tamil alternative “yenna da (/di)!!” ( contextually the tamil version may vary.)

Now , all said and done , hindi may be our national language and learning it may prove to be efficacious , but , at the end of the day , nothing like talking in our mother tongue. . It’s a different feel , altogether ;to talk in the language that you are most accustomed to ……though I made a sincere attempt to learn hindi , it was not a whole hearted one … it was merely for surviving in an environment where it was required !!

Coming to think of it , I had never considered myself a linguistic patriot , but , maybe , I am one , afterall !!! ;-)))))


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