(Chetan Bhagat’s novel has been receiving rave reviews !!! but , there are two sides to the same coin , rite ??? somebody has to criticize it and that’s what i’m gonna do !!!pl. for those who feel otherwise , …….)

A burlesque piece of writing which makes a feeble attempt to “change the Indian notion of inter-caste marriages” ….That is the book: “2 states-the story of my marriage” for you!!!

Chetan bhagat , in an endeavour to present a hilarious version of his love story , has gone a bit too overboard in his sense of humour which makes the narration sound like a pillory aimed at the Punjabi and the Tamilian community …

The tale which begins at the IIM-A mess and progresses to the backdrop of Chennai and Delhi seems intriguing enough until the author exerts himself on making the read more humorous .His description of the city of Chennai and its people simply does not appeal to the tamilian sensibilities !!

Given the fact that his books have an extensive reach among the youth, the author should have bowdlerized some parts of it so as to not slaughter the image of the people of the two communities!!

Far from his declared intention of “bringing a change” through his writing , bhagat has presented a disillusioned picture of the people belonging to the 2 states .Maybe he should have stuck to using terms which specifically refer to his family and his wife’s , instead of generalizing the attributes to tamilians and Punjabis as a whole !!

The author’s adulation for regional cinema is also evident from the way he has spun the plot, especially the climax which seems to have a close resemblance to that of the Tamil movie “abhiyum naanum” which is based on a similar storyline (and yeah, the movie was more realistic than the book!!).Chetan bhagat also seems a bit too fond of theophany and it is too trite…

And, last but not the least, the writer should probably write a book which would “change the Indian’s outlook towards the so called dark people and eradicate this unjustifiable discrimination”. It’s not going to be easy authoring the book ,though!!!
The bottom-line: the book was definitely far from (being)”funny”.…


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