Sometimes, u r faced with the strangest of questions about life and u dunno why such a conundrum struck you !!Well, during a conversation, a friend of mine posed this question, out of the blue :
“what is it that makes life fair ??”.

The question , stumped me !! I had no immediate answer to it cuz i had never contemplated on it , earlier !! I didn’t see a reason to ponder over it ,either. After all , we all have to

live this life , whether fair or unfair. So , why bother ??

But somehow, my mind was at constant unrest . I jus couldn’t let go of the question , at least, not without finding an answer to it .
Coming to think of it, it’s the mindset that justifies life. It’s the individual’s outlook towards life that makes it just or unjust. Sometimes , when we are feeling low , due to various circumstances , it may seem to us that life jus isn’t being fair ,but , somehow , the feeling doesn’t last long . Sooner or later the days of misery give way for the days of bliss (every dog has it’s day!!) .
(er , well , technically speaking , If man’s existence on this earth were to be mapped graphically on a scale of “happiness” vs “life-span” , it would be an oscillating curve with an equal share of maxima’s and minima’s.)

Optimism is the key to a content life ( if we are content , life could be termed as a fair one , right ??). This is probably where the idea of destiny also comes into play. Its so much easier to quote “destiny” as the reason for the turnover of incidents in your life and jus get going with it. After all, at the end of the day , whatever happens is in the best of our interests(or at least , we would like to think so;-)) !!!

The bottomline : To me , life never is unfair because I’m an optimist and I let destiny guide my life !!!


3 thoughts on “WHAT IS IT THAT MAKES LIFE FAIR ??!!

  1. Divya Ravi says:

    well…tough question eh?it definitely is…Different people may have a variegated set of answers to this..but ur stand has been well expressed..n I would say that I share the same thoughts..

  2. Anonymous says:

    ummm… optimism can see life as fair..but besides that i now think that working towards making it fair is what gives u the right direction and makes living it worthwhile…thanks for writing on it…

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