WHAT NEXT !!??!!??

(Beating boredom is a herculean task !!! that’s where blogging comes to my rescue !!so, here i am , determined to fill this page with my random thoughts , again !!!)

Well , with jus abt another year or so left for graduation , the question naturally arises :
“what next ??”
For someone like me who doesn’t believe in planning things ahead of time , its a difficult question to answer !!!!But , when you tell people : “er , actually i dunno ” , you are met with strange glances which read : “what !!?? you haven’t decided yet ??”.
Worse still , when i put forth the same question to my friends , almost everybody seems to have an answer for it : “GRE”,”CAT”,”GATE”..(the list goes on and on).
So , i resorted to my parents for some guidance (after all , you can atleast get a vague idea , which of course is subject to changes )..
Dad: “hmmm… maybe , you should give the CAT a shot !!!”
but , mom had a simpler solution ….
Mom:” I think you should get married !!!!!!”
“But ,mom, won’t i be too young ???”,i retort ,but , back comes her reply :
“Young ??? now , listen to me ..would you rather get married early and end up with a handsome groom , or , would you prefer to marry late and end up with a balding guy ???”
Only my mom is capable of coming up with such crazy ideas (excuses , rather , to get me hitched off as early as possible )!!!Her “friends” are no less eager :”oh ur daughter is in her pre-final year right ??? there s this guy ………..)
sooo, i conclude :
“It wuz a bad idea to have sought their help !!!!!”
I sit down to analyse the options that lie b4 me (self help is the best help,after all )
There is one thing that i’m keen on : “I shouldn’t commit the same mistake dat i did ,3 years back while choosing engineering “.
Well , back then , only 2 career options seemed viable enough :
1)engineering and
2)medicine(out of question..who would want to study eternally ??, pl. not me!!)
I admit to have fancied becoming a journalist .Thoughts of pursuing a career in “sanskritham” had struck me too (during all those years i spent learning the language).. But , i ended up choosing “the beaten path of engineering ” simply because i didn’t have the courage to take the “road not taken”..
To an extent ,i would even say that i fell a prey to the mass mentality – succumbed to the societal pressures..”i’m an engineer” sounds better than “i’m a —-“,anyday….
So ,should i kindle the glow within me and choose to do something different ,atleast now(b4 its actually too late ), or should i simply join the “rat race for GRE ,blah blah blah ” to feel assured of a fairly decent future ???
A part of me wants to take the risk…gamble…(after all, in another year , i’ll have my engineering degree as a safety net(in case my fancies backfire))..but , the other side of me ,wants to play it safe …. again, what if …????………………………………………
uff!!! Merely contemplating on my future is creating a mental turmoil !!!
(Now, coming to think of it , mom’s advice wasn’t all that bad , you know !!??)

2 thoughts on “WHAT NEXT !!??!!??

  1. Divya Ravi says:

    Should say..I sooo enjoyed readin this one!!I guess its coz we've had many sessions on dis bak in the hostel…According to the consensus we reached many a time,perhaps you should go wid ur mom's advice after all!:D

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