“Slow, slow, slow, STOP, STOP, yelled Mrs. L as I drove her brand new Santro car.

“You, out of your senses??!!?? Why the hell are u driving like a maniac!!???!!!” she barked, “How many more times do I have to repeat the same instructions??
GOD!! Pl. save me!!
God!! Pl. save me too…….. , I meekly retorted……
Car driving was literally driving me nuts!!!
“Neutral gear, start the car, press the clutch, change to 1st gear, release the clutch slowly while pressing the accelerator, change to 2nd……..”
My head was spinning…. I pressed my forehead against the steering wheel to dramatize my condition…. “Ma’am next class puleeeeeeeeeze!!!” I said in a quivering voice.
“Whatever!!” she said relieved to let go of me. I had given her enough trouble for the day….
Panting, I climbed out of the driver’s seat to leave way for the next student, silently cursing myself for having performed pathetically…
10 min later I was at home, examining myself in the mirror, wondering how long it would be b4 I started developing grey hairs out of sheer tension of managing the car L
Well, I thought car-driving would be a piece of cake!!!! After all, if I could drive bumper cars I could drive real cars as well:-ppp But, as reality began to unfold itself, I realized that my “over-confident” thoughts were, but precipitant (I wonder how I managed to let such fatuous thoughts to enter my mind!!).
However, I decided to practice my way to perfection instead of fretting over the incident. After all, when the going gets tough , the tough get going.
With renewed confidence, I inserted the keys into my small alto car. After making sure that the gear was in neutral, I started the vehicle. Carefully, I changed to the first gear and pressed the accelerator, slowly removing my control over the clutch….Kaput…. the engine died down..
“never mind”, I told myself , “ try again”.. I tried once again and once again and once again……the car simply didn’t budge!!!!
It dawned upon me that I hadn’t even mastered the “art” of starting the car, let alone driving it.
Disappointed, I made my way back home.
“so how did it go ??” , mom asked, expectantly.
“mom, trust me !!! I would prefer walking to driving, any day”, I replied in deadly earnest.

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