The BLANK phase…..

{WARNING: Read this, only as a last resort to beat your boredom !!! I shall NOT bear any responsibility for the consequences ..!!}


Life is characterized by metamorphosis and traversing through its various phases is, but a natural part of the so called process of evolution. Sometimes, the path is well laid out before you, but some other times, its like moving in a dark tunnel with no signs of light at the other end…This phase, as I would like to call it, is “the blind man’s journey”. It is a very strange phase of life where everything seems unclear and obfuscated. It’s a phase which fails to motivate you and reduces the state of your existence to one which is merely “robotic”………
Well, it’s been more than a month now and I have been waking up every single day with NOTHING worthwhile to do!!!!! My itinerary has been filled with just 3 things:
1)Staring idly at the facebook screen with no interest whatsoever in it, but still continuing to do it ‘cuz it qualifies as “something” which is any-day better than nothing?!
2)Sleeping.. I even consider myself qualified enough to challenge Rip Van Winkle’s record, now!!
3)Eating…. this is one thing which least interests me, but then, when a lot of things don’t interest you, even remotely, the “least interesting” things could, qualify to feature in the list??!!
Well, coming back to the point, it’s not the lack of work which concerns me; it’s the lack of interest in Work which bothers me. I’ve been adopting a lackadaisical approach towards everything in life that sometimes I wonder if there is anything at all that I want from life!!
The jigsaw puzzle of life seems incomplete with vital pieces out of place. Sadly, I’m unable to fit them into their placesL
The mind is void of ideas to even chart out a course of action…….to define the next step……..
It (i.e. my mind) seems discontent wit the current state of affairs, but is not willing to do anything to change it… it keeps retrogressing; reaching a dead end….. !!!! Is there a way out of this BLANK phase??!! only time can tell….
(argh !! I’ve blanked out now I guez its THE END of this piece of writing )
p.s: i’ve used too many “qualifies” and “lifes”…the words seem redundant …bt, i’m leaving it as such !!!(it reflects my mood)

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