GUY HUNTING!!!!- (chronicles of the 111 (s)crew!! )

(The protagonists in this “play” are A,DR,RC and V.. this one is based on real life incidents with slight, but well meant exaggerations at parts …. )
Scene 1:
( A cluttered room in the ground floor of the ladies hostel ..4 of its “inmates”, in deep study before the killer exams…. pin drop silence prevails in the room until…)
RC:  “hey man”!! ( throwing her book(s) aside)… I’m going to get married!!!
( The other 3 occupants merely throw a glance at her {which reads: Oh no !! not again !!}and continue to study.. they hardly care ‘cuz that’s the nth time RC is uttering those lines.. they might have reacted if her lines had any backing in terms of “reality” which would have meant juicy gossip for them, but, …..)
DR: (as if nothing ever happened) V, explain klystrons to me, dude!! (A joins DR and V to learn)..
(RC looks around, helplessly..)
RC: hell with you, guys!! I AM going to get married!!
DR, V AND A (in chorus): sure, don’t 4get to invite us :-p
{part 1}
( a day before Valentine’s Day- in the same room, this time not cluttered.. the inmates hired a cleaner to clean the room  …)
X  enters the room..
X: (with one big teddy bear and in a sugar-coated tone): suno,suno suno.. my “jaanu” just gifted me this “cutie mutie kuchi puchi” teddy !!muah muah (she canoodles the toy )..i’m soooo excited!! Guez what I’m gonna give him??!!
( she looks at the “inmates” with wide open eyes..)
Tadaaaa!!! Look ! I’m gonna give him “THIS”..
(she reveals an expensively “wrapped” “gift”)..
You know, it cost me a good 3500 bucks!!
V: That’s really nice!! It looks beautiful!! (now ,V says this ‘cuz that’s what she is supposed to say !! she is hardly impressed with the gift !!) so, how long have you been “seeing” him???
X: umm, well, 2 days ??!!
V: (to herself..what?? 2 days?? ) so, how long have you “known” him, then??
X: 2 days, again ??!!
V,A, RC& DR look at each other.. their eyes communicate the same msg: “god !!!Give us a break!!”
{part 2}
(later that night)
(a typical discussion among the “inmates”)
DR: jus two things seem to be the topic of discussion in the hostel.. girls are either cribbing about not having a bf or are going ecstatic over tom’s plans.. we seem to be the exceptions !!
RC: yeahh!! Tell me about it !!!
V: (making an attempt to crack a “punch” dialog) “guys, we don’t do different things, but things differently”, while the entire hostel is talking about “the day”, why don’t we hang a sign outside the room reading : “Singles Rock “ ??
RC & DR(in chorus): aaarrrrgh !! “V” !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
( Strangely, A doesn’t take part in this conversation…. She seems lost in her own thoughts…..V and DR are left wondering, but, RC seems to know the reason !!)
Scene 3: (on the valentine’s day)
V, RC and DR are dressed in black..
A is wearing  white!!
V: DR, white means…..
DR: I know !! maybe she is wearing it ‘cuz all her other dresses are dirty ??!!!:-p
V: But she looks like she actually means it !! look at the way she’s jumping !!
V&DR:   A!!!!!! so………..
A: guys, (*blushing*) I’m Committed to H !!! I’m sooooooooooooooooo Happy !!!!!
V: H?? that tamizh friend of yours from Lucknow?? The lawyer guy??
A: yeeeeahhh !!!  he is “………” (we listen for about an hour(or maybe more) to the “exploits” of H)
{we are happy J!!!Now 111 has an extra topic to discuss every night !! and also, V and DR have a new student , to teach tamizh to :-p)

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