I know my onions!!! (Or do I??)

Well, catchy phrases come with the tacit note of “temptation”:the temptation to sneak them in a conversation, or any of its variants (which includes blogging), with deliberation!!
While sifting through the Tuesday paper of the Hindu, I stumbled upon this phrase and the next thing I knew; I was typing it out in my word doc 😀 !!!
And so, my dear readers, that wuz the genesis of this article,
“I KNOW MY ONIONS, or do I??”
{As for the additional phrase appended at the end of this title, umm, well, I added it ‘cuz I’m a firm believer of the “principle of uncertainty”… (Pl. not the scientific version of the (Heisenberg’s) uncertainty principle, but, the layman’s version of it!!)}
The story:
Let me now elucidate on this topic……….
“When you know your onions, you are considered knowledgeable”.
Loosening this definition and adding my own interpretation to this, I would like to handle the phrase this way:
How well do we know ourselves??”
How well defined are our goals??” : (or refining this statement further, how well do we define our goals??)
“How many things do we do for ourselves?”
“How content are we with the things we do?”
I’ve often ruminated on such issues of “self-realization” and I’ve never found satisfying answers to these L
Is it that difficult to define who I am ,or am I just afraid to do so?
Afraid because the answers would lead to more questions?? Afraid that they would complicate things further??
Well, I really dunno !!
They say, take life as it comes…but that seems to be the hardest thing to do !!!!
Shakespeare said :
“All the world’s a stage and
Men and women, mere players !!”
The Upanishads say:
“The world is, but an illusion (maya)!”
I say:
“ let the world be just a dream !!
(that way, I can claim to “know my onions”:-p)

5 thoughts on “I know my onions!!! (Or do I??)

  1. vamsi says:

    Yeah those questions do lead to further confusing questions and it all really ends up with the fact which is stated above, "THE WORLD IS AN ILLUSION". The one who experiences this truth is freed of all confusion. Unfortunately none of us are good enough for the philosophical stuff so I guess we must find our own way out of this confusion. 🙂 Good one..

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