A Love Story…almost….

Some say It is God’s gift

Some others say It is God’s curse..
Well, I say, It’s simply something which you cannot escape from, while you are on this planet called Earth…
It is a strange trap which makes you yearn for an “eternity” in it…
It creates a world sooo surreal and sooo nice that you refuse to break away from it….
Well, What is It??
Read on, to know.
Our eyes may scan a million faces, every day; every moment. But “That one Face” would demand more than just a fleeting glance.. It would make us stare …..look twice…and we wouldn’t know it then, but we would’ve just exhibited the first signs of falling in love at “first sight”!!!!!
So, now, here’s one such story (for all the paramours out there….)
She saw him for the first time in the college campus. It was on a “sunny, Sunday” afternoon. Just the sight of him filled her with strange feelings. She had never seen him before, but, she felt like she had known him for an eternity…
“Who is he??”, she wondered..
And as if he had heard her thoughts, he turned and smiled at her. To her, it seemed like the best smile she had ever seen…
“Oh God!! Freeze your clocks for me, pleeese!!”, she prayed. “I want this moment to last forever!”
“Nelly ! Lets go”, she heard a voice, faintly..
“Nellllllly!! come on !!”, the voice became louder.. It was her friend …
She quickly picked up the books and followed , pushing away all thoughts of him..
“I may not see him again. Why bother??”, she thought.
Deep within her, she knew that she wanted to see him again.
Destiny could not have worked things better for her. The next day, she met him again, but as her classmate. Both of them had enrolled for the same subject: “Shakespeare and Literature.”
As he entered the class, he gave her a nod..It was just a nod… But, it made her feel special. “He remembers me!!”,she thought.. “He remembers ME!!”….
It became a habit..Every day they followed the ritual of acknowledging each other..She with a smile and He with a nod..
With each passing day, she found herself attracted to him more and more.. Each day, she fell in love with him like it was the first time..
“What is it about him?? Why Him??”, she wondered.. She had No answer to it…
6 months passed. The semester was nearing its end… it was the very last semester….Every part of her ached to let him know her feelings.. Her instincts told her that he would reciprocate..But………
She never told him……
Why?? Was it the fear of rejection??  Was it her own insecurities about ‘their’ future??
She didn’t know..
She never met him again and she never felt that way for anybody else, again..
After all, it was her first love and her best one..

Now, I wonder if love was a gift, or a curse in her case. She expected nothing in return (IMHO, If she had, she would have expressed her feelings) and she got nothing back.. Her love for him was her little secret..To some, it may seem foolish..To some others, it may seem like a true love story..Maybe, in this world, true love is that which is unexpressed???!!!

11 thoughts on “A Love Story…almost….

  1. divs says:

    Hmmmm…Nice…The feelings experienced by the gal are realistic!…and one cant write such things without experiencing such feelings….what say?…Ms Vasu…!! :OAnyways, I don't intend to pull ur leg :PGood piece of work !Bravo ! 😀

  2. Swetha Vasu says:

    divs, "realistic feelings" ?? *cough cough* Somebody seems to know a lot abt it to "acknowledge" them as realistic :-p:-p…what say ???Ms. Mohan…!!:-oAnyways, I don't intend to pull ur leg :P:-p

  3. cindrella says:

    Really nice…..especially the way u expressed the girl's feelings is great…….i dint know u were this much good……..but it would have been more nice…if it would have been a happy ending……to say in simple words it's a WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!:-)

  4. simbu says:

    Hmm.nice ,very nice..but just out of curiosity,did anything happen to U like tht…? only thn someone could express it like that…!!can U go on to de nxt chapter with de same "FEELINGS FOR LOVE"..

  5. Swetha Vasu says:

    @cindrella:A happy ending wud hav bin better…Bt, Tht didn't happen in reality…so…..bt, ya, thank u …:-)@anon:Thank u (for the quote)…and YES..it isn't an imaginary tale..its "based" (though not entirely) on A real life incident..

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