Confessions #FullMoonDay

There are moments in life which we cherish
Those treasured moments….. ahh!!! we relive and relish !!!!
A tale, repeated a million times;
But, (each time) we still hear those “love” chimes!!
Yes!!It’s a love story, again…
{Setting: Full Moon day..@ around 8:00 PM…
               (we are listening to this story while taking a stroll with our heroine!!)}
She begins the tale…
It was the first day of my college and I was late to class!!
But, when things happen, they happen for a reason, don’t they??
Well, in my case, this was how the he noticed me!!!
(a smile crosses her face)
Me: (encouraging her to elaborate..) and???
Hmm… (this is what he claims)..He was sitting on the first bench of the class and he noticed a ‘lightning’ swish past the window. Next thing he knew, he saw me standing at the door!!! That moment- that very moment, he thought he was seeing an angel in a maroon salwar!!!
I swept him off his feet the very first time he saw me, it seems (hehe)!!!
I went past him and my dupatta brushed his face.. know.. (*blushes*)
Me: then ??
He met me on the bus, the next day and greeted me with a ‘hi’!.. I had no idea who he was but I reciprocated with a ‘hi’!I was surprised to find him in the class that day!! That’s how I got to know him.. !.(I didn’t notice him on the first day in class, you know?)
Me: and then???
We became close friends. Thick as thieves!! But, I didn’t know that our relationship meant more than just mere friendship to him. All his friends knew it, though!!
Me: then???
Then on friendship day, while tying the bands for my friends, I took one for him too… he bluntly refused!!!!
He confessed his feelings for me, then…
Me: (eagerly) your reaction???
I was outright angry!! I insisted that I saw him as nothing more than a great friend and pleaded to continue that way..but, he refused to carry on as a mere friend..he claimed that he couldn’t act as one after having made the confession!! That was the end of our ‘friendship’!! For several weeks, we didn’t talk…It was a tough period for me!!!
Me: (silent..)
(she continued..)
During our days together, I had grown to depend on him…it was the period of separation which made me realize that!!!! I was miserable in his absence.. I felt like a child who had been abandoned in the middle of the forest.. I felt totally lost… this period also brought out the poet in me!!! I wrote poems describing my feelings for him… I was completely alone in my own world!!
Then on the 13th of January, on my birthday, a few months after the incident, he came to my house to ask me for the last time.. it was a time I had been yearning for and I broke down the moment I saw him..
It was tears of joy.. I wanted him back in my life, never to let go of him again..
It’s been 9 years now…we were together during our post graduation days too…We were a source of inspiration for each other.. we worked hard so that we could have a comfortable life, together…Now, we are both settled comfortably and we plan to tie the knot soon…We have reached a stage in our relationship where we feel each other’s presence even in the absence…it’s this beautiful feeling which has kept us going in life for the past decade, almost…
(the guard blows his’s time to retreat to our rooms…as she walks back, I see a smile on her face..
As I walk back, I smile too…)

7 thoughts on “Confessions #FullMoonDay

  1. divs says:

    excellent job again, swetha..!!!can visualize the whole thing as u narrate it..!!love the title too ! ;-)this love story couldn't have been more perfect!

  2. Swetha Vasu says:

    surya!!! the "me" stands for "we"..(just that me sounded better!!…)but, lemme do the honors, now!!!! .."we" smiled as we walked back !!!@divs: thanks man !!i really value your comments!!

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