(will) FACEBOOK( /ed/ing) !!!!

Scenario 1:
(18th feb 2011)
12:27 pm:
(Uploading a new album on “f—b–k”…
 Album caption: “yeah! That’s Me”!!!
 Description: “in this album, you’ll find shots of “me” looking to the left, right, top, bottom, 45*  and 60*…”
(Reading between the lines (rbl): You are supposed to notice my new hair-cut!!!!)
12:28 pm: (“Nonchalantly” closing the browser..) :-p:-p
12:30 pm: (typing in the web browser): www.facebook.com
*Shiz!! No notifications!!! LL Close browser….*
12:32 pm: (typing) www.facebook.com
*1 notification…(eagerly)\Click\…*
* “X” has sent you a request on ‘It Girl’ !!!*
*AAAArgh !!!*
*close browser….*
*Tick, Tick, Tick*
12:35 pm: (opening the recently closed tab) :-p
*Clearly frustrated..*
*clicking on the album…and….pressing the like button…*
*Yes !!! I like my own album. So what? ”..Nobody seems to like it, anyways… *
12:36 pm: (typing.. in the ‘mobile’, this time…..)
“hey!! I’ve uploaded a new album!!!! Check it out on fb!!!”
*sending msg to “all” *
{(r.b.l): And, you know what to do, right?? You gotta like it!!!”}
12:40 pm:
*an “unsuspecting” friend comes into the room*
*a great chance… not to be missed (sinister look on the face)*
*after 3 min of ‘small talk’*
“You know?? I’ve uploaded a new album..check it out.. !!”
*not giving her enough time to react.. opening “f—b–k”..*
“Go on.. Log onto your account… No probs at all… feel free…!!!!”
*She logs on*
“see this one ?? that’s my album…you like it??”
*friend still hasn’t done what she is supposed to do*
(urging her to do it, in a subtle manner):“you like it??.. The shots look candid, na??”
*friend takes the hint.. clicks on the like button..*
*job done*
“okay.. so now lemme check my account…
*pulling the laptop back from the friend..*
Scenario 2:
(during one of the so called “vetti” moments, when f—b—k comes to the rescue, supposedly!!)
*leisurely looking at the news feed*
=>Status of A (a socialite: pl.note the word): “ ;-);-)”
Comment1: ?? what happened???
Comment3:lemme guess.. won a lottery??
*there are 3 likes to this status, now..after a few minutes…*
Comment4: you happy?? Then me happy too!!!
Comment5:arey !! appy ho, tu!!! Maza aa gaya !!!
Comment6:yeeah !! me too!! Happy happy !!!
A: Arey !! simply put it up… had a good night’s sleep after a looong time…that’s why I’m happy !!!!
*there are 33 likes to this status, now*:-p:-p
=>B has changed her profile pic
*you click on the pic.. it’s an ordinary pic (or so it seems to you)*
My god!! (you gasp )…
Comment1: sooo pretty!!
Comment2: Wow!! No words!! Fabulous pic!!
B: awwh !! thank you!! Muah !!! love you guys !!!!
(100 comments follow.. all of them convey the same, more or less…)
=>status of C: (not a socialite- note the word, again):
“Hosni Mubarak steps down, finally!!! End of autocracy!!!”
*no comments.. 2 likes… status posted 20 hrs back…*
Epilogue: after reading this, you could react in two ways…
One( scratching your head): “so, what is she trying to convey ??”
Two, (smiling): “I belong to your club too, gal !!”
Well, at the end of the day, we all have our own outlook towards different things in life…so…(the rest is best left unsaid ??)

8 thoughts on “(will) FACEBOOK( /ed/ing) !!!!

  1. vamsi says:

    Although I am addicted to facebook in my own way, these two scenarios are certainly not for me. 😀 Scenario 1) I hate it when someone touches my laptop. So I would never give an offer to browse facebook in it :PScenario 2) I also hate status updates with just smileys included. I feel that they are lame. :)But anyways I do accept the facts in your post like the 150 comments for a worthless picture. LOL. All this certainly happen. Good one. 🙂

  2. Swetha Vasu says:

    @vamsi: Gr8!! if the scenarios don't apply to you, then you 'belong' to the club !!! I keep stumbling upon such "lame" status updates whenever i open Facebook….and, the 'like' button is one dangerous tool and kinda gets some ppl obsessed… this one is a "satirical" take on such things in a slightly exaggerated manner…@divya: I had our 'conversations' in mind while writing this (i hpoe you remember them!!)…itz gotta be "true"…:-D@cindrella: thanks:-)

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