Arranged or "…."?????

Year 2069:
An old lady ambled her way through the drawing room to reach a dilapidated desk perched in the corner of it…..
Slowly, she opened the drawer and pulled out a “HP Compaq laptop”……Technology had advanced and the laptop was what her grand children would call an antique piece … The thought brought a smile to her lips….They were not likely to understand its significance… It was her most treasured possession… After-all, she had spent 4 long years hooked to it when she had been a young Under-Graduate student….
*cough, cough*
Age was taking its toll on her… She felt weak.. She was a grand old lady of 80 yrs, thanks to the medical advancements!!!
She switched on the device…. She still used the Windows 7 OS… Her son had once tried installing Noodle7.0, the latest version, but she had refused… “Old is Gold”, she had proclaimed stubbornly… She wanted to relive those wonderful moments of her life, and she wanted all things to remain in-tact… It was beautiful that way, she had felt…
She clicked on the Google chrome icon which flashed on her screen… The very first bookmark was a link to her blog… she clicked it…
A page opened and she navigated to the 2011 archives…That was the year when she had decided to document her “conversations” on her blog… It was the very last year of her college life and something within her had forced her to do it…She felt glad that her” joblessness” had resulted in something for her to cherish several years down the lane… She realised that she had done that for herself… She had wanted to remind herself constantly of the fact that she had had some wonderful, albeit subtle moments in college…
Well, well, how things had changed….Man proposes, but God?????
Her mouse pointer hovered over an article which she had written ages back, right after a Gtalk session with her friend..The post was titled :
“Arranged marriage/ Love Marriage!!!!”
Year 2011:
Scene1: Time 11.00 pm IST:
Onions: hey!!! Caught you ol, finally!!
Bee: hey!! Loooong time!! How u??
Onions: Me, fine, dude…so, wassup your side??? Any “ progress” ??? (*now when 2 girls are in a conversation, progress always refers to the domain involving guys!!*)
Bee: none, man… arranged marriage, it’ll be, I guess…:-(L
Onions: what???????????? I was looking forward to some juicy gossip!!! U disappoint me, dude!!!
Bee: Watto do!!! The new place has done no good to me…. No good cases here, you see….
Onions: Oh!!! :-(…maybe you are keeping your “<3”>
Bee: Nopes…it’s wide open… Jus that I’m hapless…well, never mind that…Howz it goin on, your side?? Mom has started Guy Mining???
Onions: AAAARGH!! Why do you ask??? Some 2-3 called her and…. …….Bt, I’m hoping to catch one for myself @ workplace….I’ve asked her 2 leave me alone for another 6 months…..
Bee: why????????I’ll tell you what??
Onions: What is it, Mam?? My screen is waiting to receive ur advice:-p
Bee: Date the guy mom finds for you… BEST…
Onions: whaaaaaat??
Bee: yeah!! That’s the best… Gals like us have too many conditions.. Not possible to pick a guy from the given lot…He has to be a vegetarian, teetotaller, tall, good parents, preferably no sister!!!! Long list, dude..
Onions: you gotta point there!!! Shiz!!!
Bee: and, that’s going to make your parents happy too!!! What more do you need???
Onions: And the best part is, you’ll find one sooner!!! Your attempts may turn out to be futile, but, mom’s??? 100% assurance.. It’ll work….You convinced me all right, dude…
Bee: not just that !! you are 21.. 22 almost… High time you settled down, dude!!!!
Onions :So, your verdict??
Bee: Arranged marriage!!!! Go for it!!!!
Onions: er, I guez it’ll go well with my image too…. If things don’t work, Himalayas beckons us !!!!:-p:-p (*himalayas is the destination for those seeking a cure for frustration*)
Bee: Cha !!! Count me out!!!
Onions: TRAITOR !!!!!!!!!!!
(*connection breaks at one end due to technical glitches*)
Year 2069:
The old lady closed the browser, heaving a sigh….So much for that conversation!!!!
What life has in store for one……..Well, Well… What can one say !!!!!!!!?????only time can tell…

©Swetha Vasu

14 thoughts on “Arranged or "…."?????

  1. Divya Mohan says:

    hey swetha!!hmmmm…superb conversion b/w…well..the bee n the onion !! ;-)the way u have narrated the conversation is awesome !!and i agree with the bee more than the onion !!!the bee has decided what to do( n i am proud of her)…but the onion…hmmm…is still toiling with an alternative option…wish u good luck with ur decision !! :)and fantastic piece of work as usual !!cheers !!

  2. Surya says:

    lik the new look of the blog! 🙂 🙂 nd oi ur hp wont work til 2069 nd all ok!thu!:P nd hope onion finds her true 'love'! nd lov or arranged, if onion forgets to invite me for her marriage(lik how she 'forgot' to tag me), she is not going to liv to get married! 😛 PS all jokes apart, reali liked readin dis future/present onion/bee blog!! 🙂 🙂

  3. Apeiron says:

    @ divya mohan:well,well, Knew that you would favor the bee!!!! But, thanks!!!(psst.. Onion favors the bee too…Bt, she likes taking the opposite stance, deliberately:-p:-p…it's fun that way !!!)..@divya ravi:*ahem ahem* Danke, dude!!..@Surya:Didn't forget to tag you!!Thought you might find this one irrelevant(given the fact dat, er… u know…U belong to the other club)… bt. glad that you liked it!!!!Thank you and you'll be invited, definitely….(i would like to live til 2030, @least, if not 2069!!!:-p)..@anon/gowthami: If it does, then the HP laptop will find itz place in the museum….. :-p

  4. Apeiron says:

    @Indian Home Maker: thank you so much:-)!!! The idea did sound appealing to us… After all, mom's choice can't be all that bad, can it???? (esp. given the fact that she has known you and your tastes all along ;-))

  5. vamsi says:

    The Bee sounded like a grandma, a lot sensible though, The onion's point of view is not bad either. Arranged Marriages usually work out well when you totally accept it by heart, unlike the bee who recommends to go for AM just because she is unable to find one for herself. Well what's the point if you have the desire to fall in love/be loved by someone and settle for an AM. If that instincts exist deep within, then it is better to search for a good guy like the Onions (meeting all those tall, vegetarian,etc etc kinda needs). 🙂 And !! What's with this no sister-in-the-family-thingy? :-/ A girl child in a family is a must !! More like a god's gift it is !! Serious no no for that point of view. Since my adolescence, I've always dreamt of being a dad for a girl baby 😀 😛 LOL

  6. Apeiron says:

    @Vamsi& Divya mohan: Ah !!!so, finally someone brings out that point !!! I'm my "brother's sister", I guez I'm indebted to elaborate on that point!!.(er, this is to do with what I've "observed" in some of the families!!)The clause is not to do with the "sister", but with the mother, most of the times (sisters play a part, sometimes though) who might try to draw parallels between her daughter and her daughter-in-law..(As far fetched as the reasoning might sound, it does happen, all the same!!) The daughter always wins in the eyes of the mother.. IF such things don't arise, all izz well… Sister/ no Sister: it really doesn't matter….When a Girl comes into a new atmosphere (/family), she may find it hard to take such comparisons (/rather interferences) in her stride and the beginning may not be smooth!!!If the parents (and the sister) understand that and give her the space, the clause becomes redundant!!!!!!P.S: most parents are understanding these days, but……….@Vamsi: IMHO, I don't see any fault in wanting to go for arranged marriages 'cuz of one's failure to find the Mr/miss right for himself/herself..In fact, that's why ppl go for it..(@least, most of the times..other times being family pressure, caste differences etc etc..)Every body(without any exception) has the desire to be loved/ to fall in love, but it is not that simple, always…"Love has to happen"..If it doesn't and if you start "searching" for it jus because you have the desire to be loved and to love, it is as good as an AM(only difference , this time ur parents do it on ur behalf:-p)!!!That's how i see it…:-))The onion's "search" means that she hopes to "fall" in love….she hopes that it "happens"!!!P.S: my best wishes to you.. may god gift you with a beautiful girl child…;-)..I'm sure you will be an "understanding father":-p:-)

  7. vamsi says:

    I get what you are saying. It is a different point of view that's it. It's just that, I feel, wanting to fall in love and settling with AM is more like a compromise. Nothing wrong in it. I do know the fact that not all are lucky enough to find love in life. True. I didn't cut out bee's point of view in the first part. I even mentioned that Bee was more sensible. I just preferred the Onion's view over the Bee's in this post. 🙂 *End of Story* 😀

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