Gender: FEMALE
Born: 14th JUNE, 1989
Age (as of today): 3 WEEKS or LESS (definitely not more)
{huh??!!!! what?????}
Before you jump to conclusions about my being an ignoramus with a specialization in mathematics, lemme clarify this:
“No!! I know my math (I mean, I know how to use the calculator, at least!! ;-p)”
**Oh?? So, what is it with the 3 weeks???!!!!**
[**Well, read on to know…..**]
#include [reminiscence.h]
#include [explanation.h]
#include [P.S.h]


//These are special header files designed exclusively for this blogger. They support coding in the ‘story’ format!!!The language is a mix of C and E- E for English;-p. It is best not to question the programming skills of the author//
Void main()
Printf( “
Keeping up with the tradition of spending 3/5 days of my vacation at gran’s house, I packed my bag meticulously. Faintly, in the background, I heard my mom complaining to our neighbour: “Hmph!! There she goes, again!! I Don’t know why she comes ‘home’!! She never stays here!!”
Dad made his entry into the room at that very moment. “So, when do you plan to return?”
“Soon, pa..Soon…How about next Friday??”
“okay, fine!! Ready?? It’s time to start!!”
“oh yes!! I am!! Let’s go!!” /n,
Well, I’ve probably performed this ritual of visiting my grandparents, umpteen number of times, but, the feeling is always the same – that of “plain euphoria”!!
{**Euphoria?? Well Yes!! That is precisely the adjective!!!**}
The place is filled with memories- memories of my childhood. It is soooo alive that sometimes I feel that even the walls there talk to me. My visits are a welcome relief to my grandparents, too. My grandfather, a retired teacher, finds a great student in me. I listen to his ‘lectures’ patiently, just to watch his animated expressions and listen to the voice modulations while he delivers them.
“John Milton said”, he would start, and I would nod, simultaneously voicing a “hmm”. Sometimes, John Milton would be replaced with a Shakespeare, Valmiki or a Vyasa.
{* I learnt my English and ‘Indian Culture’ that way (more than from the text books). *}
I found such sessions with him to be real eye openers.. I enjoyed them thoroughly..(the present tense of the above 2 statements is valid too!!));
Now, coming back to “3 weeks” …During one such session with my grandfather, while discussing a movie which played in the early 1950’s, the following quote came up…
“Age is a measure of the good deeds which you’ve done and not the count of the years you’ve lived!!”..
Wow!!! If I were to measure my age that way, then I would not even be 3 weeks old!!!
The reality of my life’s worth struck me hard. It was such a simple statement and yet, it carried a deep and profound message. The words kept haunting me. It had such an impact on me that it felt like God’s (I’m not referring to Sachin Tendulkar here;-p) message had been delivered by a messenger (my grandfather)!!
Well, what am I going to do about it?? (er, abt the message sent by God??, yeah!!).. I really dunno.. What I do know is that those words will influence me in my decisions in future!!
[After all, I don’t believe in dying young !!:-p;-p]
// P.S:
In case you are wondering what the title has to do with this write up, note the font colour of this article!!! (ok, ok, ok…Don’t hurl brickbats on me now, puleeze !!!).
Want a better reason?? How about this ??
“The thought of typing this article out, struck me ‘out of the BLUE’..So…”??
(Fine!! I got your message!!! Thank you;-p!!)”;
©Swetha Vasu



9 thoughts on “"Blue”!!

  1. Bhagya says:

    First of all, thanks for introducing me ;D.. Then,I totally disagree with that MOKKAI, thangamudiyala pa thing..coz you've really given us a very good message :)I should start counting my age now.. uff.. ;P

  2. Vamsi says:

    As I continue to read through your posts, I realize one thing! Lady!! You are a dude!! 😛 (Yes, You heard it right) :DPS: Your facebook wall played a dominant role in driving me towards the above conclusion 😛 😛

  3. Anonymous says:

    hey swetha…you are just amazing…!!!and so innovative…!!!i just loved it… and the twist it has…i know you didn't tag me… i know… you forgot by mistake… outta the blue… 😛 lol…but it really made me see through it… and i am seriously amazed…very very very nice…(lol :P)see your other new arrivals soon…well…:P –> " regards, the-pleasure-being-all-mine Tripti… 😉 "PS: i tried to be funny… but its a lame attempt which i can't help… 😛

  4. Apeiron says:

    @Bhagya: Introducing you wuz all my pleasure!!!That mokkai part wuz jus to add words to my post(hehe)- nothing else!!!Glad to note that there are take-aways from this write up, viz th msg!;-D@Vamsi: man!! if your comment wuz meant to be a compliment, then, thanks a mil!!!!:-D;-D..That one jus made my day!!@tripti: Thank you sooo sooo much!!! I won't 4get 2 tag you next time.. I promise;-))@Cindrella: thank you so much!!;-D@angry Ganu: itz a C-E language, btw!!!(hehe):-p

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