A letter to Google

Dear Google,
Sub: Regarding Gmail’s Creativity!!
While trying to use one of your services (Gmail, to be precise) I noticed this particular feature. As a Google aficionado, I feel compelled to highlight it here.
Very recently, I tried creating an(other) e-mail id. Apparently, “swethavasu@gmail.com” (which would have been my preferred id) was not available. That was quite understandable, given the fact that I’m probably one of the last living souls on earth to start using the Gmail services. But, what baffled me were the suggestions you gave. I’m listing some of them here:

swetha.apple@gmail.com” :: Man!! How did you find out that I like apples!! (I didn’t even use it as a secret question (/answer) !!)       


swet.1830@gmail.com::Wow!! my great great grandfather was born that year-1830!!! Whatta way to keep my “ancestry” alive!!

“Vasu.washington@gmail.com”::This suggestion almost betrayed my faith in you …What does Washington have to do with me, I wondered, but not for long.. I clicked on the facebook tab only to find a “Study in Washington” ad flashing on my profile!! You did it again!!!

“Vadivelu.sun@gmail.com”:: (Google!!I’m touching your feet this time..er, no, assuming your hands to be your feet and touching them…oops, sorry!! You have neither!!so, I’ll  merely imagine doing it. )- Vadivelu’s video on youtube was open in another tab..It takes a genius to gauge it and, you are (the)one!!) 

“SV.5.6.Panda@gmail.com” :: Bang on, again!! One Mr.D.K.Panda  taught me something (my memory seems to fail me, now. So, I shall skip mentioning the subject.) in the 5th and 6th semesters!!!!!!!!so,there you go, again!!Kudos!!) 

“Onions209@gmail.com”::Nothing could beat this one, though!! My neighbor in room 209 was watching the tear jerker movie – “kabhi kushi kabhi gum”..(I could hear her sobs in my room)..What better way to describe her state than with “onions”;-p;-p ??!!!

(Huff!! I’m gonna give up, praising you, now…enough has been said!!!)

Well, I’ve often wondered as to what makes Google tick!! I found my answer while trying to create my id!! Your id suggestions were a  reminder of the fact that , er,well, you know it better !!

Whatever be it, you rock!!-/\-
Your Fan,
P.S:: Some may feel that it is a breach of their privacy, but, I’m filled with nothing but sheer awe for what you guys have achieved!!!!It is creativity and technology @its best!! I wonder if Facebook  took a leaf out of your book while proposing its new feature of advertising on the wall based on the person’s  interests and activities!!



6 thoughts on “A letter to Google

  1. vamsi says:

    There is no reason why I wouldn't like it. It's hilarious and adding to it, I am a big fan of all google and its products. Google rocks big time 🙂

  2. Bhagya says:

    This was certainly NOT a "mokkai" at all, that too when compared with the last post ;)!!.. Its absolutely Hilarious 😀 :D.. My experiment with creating a new gmail account begins now ;P

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