Morning Blues and Tami"zh"-Part 2

{This is a sequel ‘of sorts’ to the  PART 1 of the chronicles !!! A post on similar lines is One One One!!}

Scene 1: 
 (3.30 a.m- 24-04-2011-It is drizzling outside V’s room..)
{The weather is too perfect to waste (on) sleeping, she decides….
She opens her laptop and logs on to the net….}
*(1 notification on V’s facebook profile…. It reads: RC, A and DR have sent you a question…..)*
V: (checking the time)* Hell!! A question at 3:30 am?? *
(Clicks on the notification)
“Question reads: Which year of college would you miss the most???”
“After all, nothing can beat the glory of their first year together!! Nothing, ever can!!!”
(V now drifts into the nostalgia mode..)

Scene 1.1:(Room 111; weekday; morning)
Time: 6.00 A.M:
*Tring; Tring; Tring* (the alarm rings at an alarming volume!!)
RC: hmm…ummm..(Incoherent mumbling) Hey man!!!! Switch it offfffff !!!!!! (Z..Z..z..z….)

A: (Incoherent mumbling) huh hmmm….(presses the snooze and flutters her eyelids to catch a glimpse of DR, sleeping at the other end…)DR!! Wake up dude!!! It’s time!!!

(There is no movement on the other side…)

(gr8!! A pulls her blanket closer and dozes off…)
Time: 6.30 A.M:
*Tring; Tring; Tring* (the alarm rings at an alarming volume, again!!)
A: (in an intoxicated voice) DR!! Wake up, dude!! It’s almost time!!!
(There is still no movement on the other side…)
( A pulls her blanket even closer and dozes off…)
Time: 7.00 A.M:
*Tring; Tring; Tring* (the alarm rings at an alarming volume, er, well, again!!)
A: (Wakes up with a start)..Shiz!!! It’s 7.00 am!!!! (She springs out of the bed and zooms across the room to grab the bucket!!)

DR!!! Wake up!! (A gives DR a hard kick)
(DR sits up, rubbing her eyes…)

DR:  Oh no (looks at the clock)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  7.00 ???? Why didn’t you wake me up earlier, A????????????

(A has rushed out of the room, by then…DR follows ….)

Time: 7.20 A.M:
(Flowery smell wafts into the room..It brings V to her senses…A and DR are back from their respective bath(s), she guesses!!! Silently, she thanks her lucky stars for having saved her from the ordeal of the early morning classes!!)

V: Good day, Guys!!! (yawning)..and, for now, good night…I’m off to sleep….;-p

A& DR: *curses* (roughly translated : we hate the evening batch guys!!)
Scene 1.2:(Room 111; a lazy Friday evening….)
(All of them are seated with books in their hands!!;-p;-p)
V & DR: (Chit-Chatting in their mother tongue)
A: Guys!!! Teach me tamil, na?? (she says this, obviously bored with material physics;-p)
(Now, as with all tamizhians who never let go of a chance to teach eager candidates victims , their mother tongue, V and DR jump at the suggestion)
V: (sits up straight): Sure, why not??? Now, let’s start with lesson 1.
A: ya ya ya…(fervently nodding her head!!)
V: Pronounce the word tami’zh’!
A: T-a-m-i-l???
DR: No nO no!!! It’s t-a-m-i-’z-h’!!
V: yeah !! ‘Zh’ – from the epiglottis!!!;-p
A: (curling her tongue)..’Zh’!!’ZZZZHHHH!!!…
V & DR: You are almost there!!!! (in an encouraging tone) Try harder, dude!!!!!
A: T-A-M-I-Z-Z-Z-H-H-H!!! (phew!! A heaves a sigh)
V: okie.. That was not bad!! Now try “Va-zhai-pazh-am”!!
A: Vaa-lai-pal-am??
V & DR: (in chorus): NOOOO……“Va’zh’aipa’zh’am”!!!
A: Guys!!! Teach me something easy, no???
V: All right.. Like what??
RC: (butts into the conversation from no-where) How to say “I love you” in tamizh??
DR& V: Oh my god!! Who is that unlucky soul?? ;-p;-p
RC: Nobody, man!! Jus asked simply!!
DR: oh???okay.. It is  “Na-an Unn-a Ka-dha-likk-ara(n)”
A: “nan- una -“ka-da-lai”kka-ran”!!!!
V: no no no… “kadalai” (*which in tamizh means flirting*) is what DR puts… The right one is “kaa-dha-li”kara(n)…;-p;-p
DR: Glares at V (the glare reads: Don’t you dare damage my image!!)
A: Teach me something else no??!!!
//(well ,here, V would like to add that till date, A remains V’s & DR’s best student of tamizh :-p Nothing can ever beat her enthusiasm to learn the language…She has her reasons for it, but, V and DR would like to think that the enthusiasm has to do with their teaching skills!!;-p)//
V:  I have an idea.. It is easier to learn tamizh through songs.. So, we’ll start with them…
(Takes a moment off to discuss with DR (on) what song to teach!!!…After giving it a serious thought….)
Here’s your first song:
“Tharuveeya, tharamaatiya..tharalenna un pechu ka”
(Rough translation (which may not make sense, at all): Will you give..Will you not give..If you don’t give you and I won’t talk…)

(The song  topped that year’s chartbusters (from the bottom );-p;-p….Yet, they chose it…They liked playing with A that way !!)
Scene 1, again :  (4.30 a.m- 24-04-2011-the drizzling has stopped outside V’s room..)
(Morpheus’s presence is felt in her room…V drifts into the sleep mode, smiling….)
(Well, Well…Those were times….. As childish as some moments may seem on reflecting, those were the irreplaceable moments!!! After all, aren’t men and women “children” in grown up bodies??? )
V has probably said this a zillion times, but, she never gets tired of it!!!
“111 thou shall be missed”!!!!!

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