Insignificance in a “Significant” World: Area-14….

You are about to venture into the territory of “Insignificance”. Enter at your own Will “Risk”….

Well, well, well…….For all those who are reading this, in spite of the warning, here’s the thing: You are about to embark on a journey to (the) Area 14 (*NO!!….Itz not Area 51!! We are not gonna deal with E.T.I here, anywaz;-p*).
{èErrrrr, what is this Area 14??????  I better let “you” learn that for yourself…….
So, are we all set to begin??? *Herewegothen!!!!!!!!*}
èèArea 14çç
Some things in life lie beyond our ken (or so, we would like to think) – things which inhabit the so-called “esoteric” land………
So, is this “area 14”, an esoteric land?? Absolutely not!!! In fact, it is a place which many of us have visited unconsciously, many a time…..
{*..I’m just about to help you visit it, “consciously”, this time (or so, I think!!)……*}
èMilestone 1ç
There is so much happening around us… Sooooooooo much!!!!
 The “most wanted” man on Earth is killed, A Prince gets married (ok, maybe this is no big deal ;-p), A youth icon’s image is tarnished, New CMs are being sworn into their offices, social networking sites are rife with video spams(does this qualify enough for an activity??Hell yes!!)…..The list is endless…. Amidst all this, something else is happening too…..
èMilestone 1.1ç
I’m going to call these “doers” (doing the rest of the activity), the “attention seekers”: Those who wish to hog the limelight all the time. They leave no stone unturned to catch the attention of people. So, when a facebook wall is flooded with spam videos, the attention seeker “likes” all those videos in which the person is supposedly tagged!!! *crap*
èMilestone 1.1.1ç
I’m going to call this lot, the “Nice-rs” (alternatively, they could be called the masters of boosterism ;-p). Well, they shoot their bolts trying to be nice all the time that it doesn’t seem all that nice after a point….There is something called a saturation point beyond which things don’t take any effect. Be it criticism or praise, it must be administered in moderation (ok, maybe, we don’t mind an overdose of praise, but…..). Let’s face it: when somebody “hurls” nice things on a person, all the time, it fails to motivate (after a certain point).. Maybe there is no point in “trying” to be nice!!!! #iamnotakilljoyinspiteofmytakeonthis;-p
èMilestone 1.1.2ç
Now the last lot of people are going to be tagged, “The Secret Keepers”. No sane explanation can ever explain the reason behind their encrypted conversations in public. They deliberately subject their conversations to public scrutiny and when they succeed in their mission of catching a few interested snoopers, they resort to the (*bromide*) reply: “oh?? That’s a secret!!!”  #maybetheythinkinboxingisuncool;-p
Hufffff!!!!!! I’m kinda exhausted (are you, too????)….so…….
End- but, not yet the end:
P.S: You might want me to clarify a few things before winding up this write-up:
0) Why area-“14”??
=>Well, count the no. of letters in the word “insignificance”…That might explain the significance of 14:-p
1) Milestone 1 is fine, but, what are these “milestone 1.1” and the like???
=>Well, if you had ever spent time preparing project reports, you might understand the notation….
2) How hypocritical are you??;-p
 =>*cough* next question puleeze??;-p;-p



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