R.I.P, my friend….








Well, I gotta explain this one:

I definitely had no role to play here; except probably to sit mutely, glumly, sadly at the receiving end…
This is the notice given to the “author of this blog” by “THIS blog”
Yes, you heard me right and I sooooo wish I had better news to convey…..
But, time has come for me to report with regret that this blog has decided to retire for the time being……
For the reader’s clarity, I’ve explained the terms of the notice sent to the author:
=> R.I.P: Rest“ing” in Peace.
 =>“Men may come and Men may go, But, I shall go on forever”: This is a way of consoling the author of the blog that the blog will continue to exist, but, reading between the lines,shall remain morbid, otherwise….(The author’s grief remains un-ameliorated (pl.don’t look up this word in the dictionary), however.;-( )
=>“Adios for now”: Itz not goodbye forever……(Yet another “gimmick” to console the author: This one seemed to please the author, though only a little..)
=>Z..Z…Z..: The “sound(s)” of “resting” in peace….
The author  says:
“Anywayz, Dear friend,
Adios for NOW…

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