Mom!! Puleezeeee!!!!

Proem: In the so-called balance of my life, joblessness seems to have outweighed all other things and the result is this post. I guess, when you have a lot of time to kill, “putting” your blog to rest isn’t a great idea at all!! So, this one marks the return of my ramblings A word sans which the blogging community would cease to exist!!
My “movie watching strategies” have been subject to evolution over the years: Thanks to mom!!
 I’m not sure when it all started, but I assume it must have been around the late ‘90s when the matinee shows on SUN T.V coincided with the time I returned home from school. Tuesdays were the days when movies in the genre of “romance” were played…. Mom, who otherwise spent her time away from the TV room, had the most uncanny timing of entering , the moment “that” particular scene flashed!!! You would feel her scrutinizing eyes on you just when you were beginning to “enjoy” that mushy scene!! Oops!! Embarrassing!!
Over time,of course, you learnt to cover up the embarrassment- Well, I could never bring myself to stop watching the movies and my mom couldn’t stop herself from entering the room at “my” most inopportune moment and so, I began to carry along a “hardy-boys” novel with me. I had it open right in front of my eyes and pretended to read it whenever I anticipated “those” scenes ( feigning a sort of nonchalance for the movie). #ItWorked
And then of course, you had the “family- movie -watching episodes”. The chairs were laid in rows with the last row reserved for the elders. The decision had more to do with monitoring the youngsters than to do with the height factor… It put so much of pressure that you resorted to techniques such as covering your lips with your hands when “the boy met the girl” and you felt like smiling and yet you could not #CuzYouWereBeingWatched …(You think I’m exaggerating??)
Things started to get better when you were given your own room with a TV. You got to watch movies at peace, but Wait!! There was a catch to this too.. You were not allowed to bolt your room as all “important” things were strategically placed in your cupboard and mom claimed that bolting the door would impediment the ease of procuring those things!! So, you put your creativity to work and placed a chair close to the door so that you got just about enough time to change the channel when you heard the creaking sound!!
And again, you had the 10’o clock curfew: “Time to quit all the work and hit the bed”!! So, this time around, you cleaned your ears (so that you could listen to the dialogues clearly even in low volume) and “practised” snoring (to deceive mom into thinking that you were fast asleep, in case she decided to check on you!!).
Of course, let’s say all this is history and you get to watch movies all night long at peace with mom “respecting” your privacy,blah blah blah but, oh man! Those were days when I would have said: “Mom, puleeze!!!”

©Swetha Vasu

18 thoughts on “Mom!! Puleezeeee!!!!

  1. Karthik@Deloitte says:

    ROFL 😉 U r kidding rite ?! 😛 Anyways. Was kinda funny .. Oh god !!! Of all the blogs in the community !! Y did i choose this to start wid ?! 😛 My first blog-reading experience .. Dunno wat to say 🙂

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