Tryst with Trepidation

No sane explanation in this world can explain some things; things which attract the cynical “Really??!!??” kind of a response. But, when they do happen, they leave an impact so profound that the adrenalin rushes through the vein every time you recount the incident- ‘THAT’ incident.
                It all started with a group of us embarking upon a journey to the forest.  It was quite a calming journey until we decided to camp at a deserted building. It was nearing dusk and the light was slowly fading into the abyss of space.  The air was beginning to grow thinner and the eerie feeling was slowing invading our senses. Brave souls as we considered ourselves, we just couldn’t escape the feeling of apprehension.
“Can you hear IT??” a friend interjected.
“Oh God! I think there are wolves in this forest!!!”, another friend added.
Do you believe in ghosts??!!!!!!!!!
*A moment of silence*
SCOOooooooT!!! Nowwwww!!!” we cried in unison and grabbed all that we could and rushed towards the car. The hyperventilating race towards the car was replete with nerve-racking incidents. It took more than just mere guts to cross the path across the forest to reach the road. Impeding the journey back was the rain which poured with all its might. Ahead of us, we could spot fresh footsteps in the muddy terrain resulting from the rain.
“Those prints resemble the human steps, don’t they??!!”
 “But, there is nobody out here besides us!! Oh look! The steps lead to the car!!”
With great caution, we took a guarded step towards the vehicle, clinging on to each other.
“ewwww!!! Look at that!!”, a voice distracted us.
*All heads turned towards the direction in which the finger was pointed. *
A terrifying sight awaited us!! Hanging from the tree was a hideous thing draped in white with needles sticking out of its “torso”.
“Is it some kind of a voodoo doll???”
“Noooo !! It is a skeleton!! Look!! Can’t you see the bones??”
Chaos followed with every one tumbling into the car, one after the other.
With trembling fingers, we inserted the car keys and ignited the engine.
*Kaput*(The engine died down).
“Try again!” “We’ll push the car from the rear!! C’mon!!!
*Eeeaaaghh* (pushing vigorously)
In spite of the heavy rain, we knew that sweat was trickling down our faces. The engine showed signs of life after what seemed like eons. We pressed down the accelerator and sped into the roads, but, that was not the end of the ordeal…….
The headlights turned off all of a sudden and the vehicle sensor killed the engine showing the presence of an obstruction when our eyes could spot ‘none’!!!!! Almost simultaneously, a tree fell down on the road ahead, hindering our escape. We were caught between the devil and the deep blue sea. We couldn’t retract nor could we proceed. When in deep trouble, reflexes dominate over our senses and that is exactly what happened to us:  We ran for our lives!!!!!!!
*aaaahhhhuh huaaaha* (panting)
We reached the closest village as fast as our legs could carry us and stopped to catch our breath at a tea shop. The village was abuzz with early morning activity. It was almost 4’o clock in the morning. Sitting on the bench and sipping a cup of coffee, we looked at each other in silence with our eyes reading the same expression: “What really happened??!!
Epilogue: Looking back, maybe the entire episode was just a figment of our imagination. Maybe circumstances led us to believe in things which probably never existed. Maybe, we were a bunch of psyched kids who had watched a lot of thriller movies….Whatever be the reason, it was an experience on its own; it was after all our tryst with trepidation.



4 thoughts on “Tryst with Trepidation

  1. --- BhAgYa VaSu --- says:

    I don't know why, reading this post reminded me of 'Twilight' :-/ (maybe becauz of the wolf and the forest). The use of all those expressions (Eeeaaaghh, aaaahhhhuh huaaaha.. ) is really cute. 😀 I could imagine you making them :-PIt would have been a nice experience no?! 😀

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