I’m a Plagiarist and So are You !!!!!

Just Rambling !!!!!!!
(Skip this if you are out of Patience !!!!)
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“I’m a plagiarist”: Thanks to the internet and its ilk, I’m constantly stuck with this feeling of compunction.
 The euphoria of having come up with an original idea is doused by the Google which traces the source of your idea to, let’s say, the 5th line in the 200th page of the “Code of the Hammurabi”??? (And which re-appears in the 14th line of the 13th page in the book “Demystifying the ancient codes- by Dr.Sob Jels”??? and in the……<whaddever>)*
Or, what you thought was a wonderful revenge plot, was actually a 1970’s Russian movie starring Aleksandr Gavrilovich Abdúlov?? (Remade in the kollywood in the 1980’s starring Rajinikanth and re-remade in the 2000 starring “Rajinikanth”, again ?)
Well, well, well, this sure gets you thinking; at least, when you go by the literal definition of the term:
“Plagiarism is the unauthorized use or close imitation of the language and thoughts of another author and the representation of them as one’s own original work, as by not crediting the author”
Here’s what I think:
Plagiarism is inevitable (you tend to do it unwittingly, at times). And some other times, it’s all about how good a plagiarist, you are, and the extent of it………
++Who knows?? Maybe there is somebody else out there who shares this notion on plagiarism!!!!!
++Why this disclaimer??
I’m just booored and I’m trying to put my blog to some use #Simply #Ouch 😛
{*The starred statements are just meant to be rhetoric! Pliss do not challenge me with facts ….}
©Swetha Vasu

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