The Thing called “Woman"!!!

Man: It’s hard to understand women.
Woman: It’s hard to understand women!!!!!!!

Ok!! I admit!!
It’s a herculean task to “know” what goes inside a woman’s head, even if you belong to that ilk….And, I guess that’s what makes them who they are.
But, there has to be a reason for all this, right??
*If the answer is a YES, read on…*
Let’s try to trace it back to the time when all this might have started…
There’s a story of how women came to be who they are ……….

The Story:::

About 4 billion years ago, god created the planet called earth. Things were quite peaceful with the plants, the microbes and the dinosaurs (I’m sure I’ve missed out a few other species, but that’s a different story, altogether!) minding their own businesses. But, Alas!!That peace was not to last forever!!!!!
God decided to have some “fun”, and then he did what he might regret for an eternity (we are not sure, about it, yet 😛) –
He created “women”!!!!
He was so proud of his creation that he spent long hours watching the women mingle with his other creations. Several years passed by before god realized that he had to do something to keep his grey cells oiled. He spent sleepless nights thinking of what to create and settled for “men”.
He then set to work and baked the first ever man.
He put the man to test on earth before creating other men and so, the world was left with women and a single (test piece) man!!!
Oh!!Blunder of blunders!!!!
**That, my friends, I believe was the root cause for all the havoc!!!!!!!**
The women who were used to seeing other women were suddenly drawn to the fascinating thing that had come amidst them and different emotions started cropping in their minds………….
Their emotions demanded a share of the man, in different ways.
Some felt a motherly affection towards him, some others, a sisterly affection, some sensed his potential to be a successful confidante and friend and some others were intensely drawn to him by the pull of love and lust…….
The feelings which had been dormant erstwhile came to play and changed the behavioral tendencies of the woman between themselves. Rifts arose between them and those who had earlier shared a cheek by jowl relationship were suddenly at loggerheads between themselves.
Some women philosophers sat down in a closed room to analyze the strange turn in the behavioral patterns, but, none of them could pinpoint the cause of the conflict to that one man who had appeared from nowhere. **After all, their reason had been overshadowed.**
Meanwhile, the man was blissfully unaware of all the things and went about hunting for food every day.
From hindsight, these things could have been nipped in the bud if only God had put more men (~no. of women) on the planet before the problem turned from a molehill to a mountain. But, as carelessness would have it, God baked the men at the wrong temperature and had to bake a new lot of them all over again. A lot of time was wasted in the process – enough to let the women’s emotions get deeply rooted in the wiring between the left and the right side of their brains…
God then released his new batch of men onto earth. Competition between the men crept in surreptitiously and the “happy-go-lucky first man” felt a threat to his territory. He recognized the need to own a woman to keep his hold on the territory and relented to one of the women who had eyed him, earlier.
**Sometimes, it’s hard to define why people do some things. The language of the heart is more difficult to articulate/comprehend compared to the language of the mind. Hence let’s not debate on why the man felt the need to do it/ why he chose a particular woman for his purpose**
**We have to note that the emotions were only taking shape in the men’s mind while it had been established in the women’s. The already established emotions started assuming uncanny forms with every turn of event**
Strange things started happening and even the best historians are unable to define and place the events chronologically. But, what we do know is that god, realizing his folly, resorted to defect control mode and put all the men and women into his re-modeler. The re-modeler couldn’t change the nature of the men and women, but it added a new dimension to their outlook of things.
The modified bunch of people then set forth to define the relationships they could have amongst themselves and came up with a mandate which included the following:::
Woman –> Man :: Possible relations:
·         Mother
·         Sister
·         Wife
·         Girlfriend
·         Aunt and the varieties of it
Man–>Woman:: Possible Relations:
·         Father
·         Brother
·         Husband
·         Boyfriend
·         Uncle and the varieties of it.
The agreement was signed under the auspices of God and was followed religiously.
But, the agreement had something missing. It was identified much later and was added as a clause to it.
Clause:: The relationship could also be that of  a“Friend”.
However, as many events in the course of history could be attributed to this reason, the comfort of being used to the conventions remained and the idea of friendship continued to be a fuzzy thing for ages to come.. <and will remain so, for ages to come.>
So, why are women hard to understand??
I guess it is the result of the complex emotions that they were subject to while the development of the men’s was still in its rudimentary stages. The re-modeler could have played its role in the process, too. Who knows?? We are merely hypothesizing and “trying” to understand”…..
I’ve heard about a school of thought in the Hindu Upanishads which states that all the humans on earth are “women” and the only man is “Lord Krishna”.Am I stating this rightly? I do not claim to…. After all, such things are known only by the word of mouth. Also,I believe it reads that the differences in men and women are merely to sustain life on earth through the process of child birth……
I’m not sure if I agree with this line of thought, but, I definitely do wonder how things would be like, if the differences between men and women were merely physical and their minds worked alike…..…..
<I don’t think I would like it, though:-P>
©Swetha Vasu

7 thoughts on “The Thing called “Woman"!!!

  1. JUMPER says:

    Quite an imaginative piece! And I like the way it has been put… But I get the feeling that it's not complete. You have touched some aspects but haven't explored all the scenarios…

  2. Anuraag Sharma says:

    God (Krishna here) represents (to us) the ultimate state of being : Absolute power. And there's only one goal for all humans : Absolute submission. Hence, the all-humans-are-women reference.All creation is a dichotomy of sorts. To know good, we must find evil. To understand what light is, we must know darkness first. And if 'matter' wasn't trivial enough, we now have scientists playing around with 'anti-matter' for crying out loud. Its mind-boggling, this existence of duality everywhere..Anyway, so its not really hard to understand women.. they're the perfect opposite of every belief men are made of! Anndd for a deeper study, we shall always have Linda Goodman! (just kidding) :PP.S. Just happened to stumble across your blog. Very interesting. Keep up the good work. 🙂

  3. Swetha Vasu says:

    @Anuraag: Ah!Something to do with my manufacturing I guess,but, as much as I like the idea (of Women and men being antithesis to each other and stuff!) I'm not sure if I could say, "Yes! That's exactly 'It'".. Anyways, thanks,for throwing Light on the same 🙂

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