In search of the Soul-Mate

Many of us harbor the secret fantasy of finding our soul mate.  A few get lucky in their search for “true love” and the rest, settle for what they believe is their “Destiny”.
What prompts people to embark upon this quest for “love”??
Let’s try to figure it out……..

Several billion years ago, god created human beings on earth. It was the best creation by all standards, but he felt that something was amiss.
To prove himself beyond any doubt, he decided to create an incorporeal entity and named it, “soul”.
The soul was made of “swesh”-the rarest and the sweetest ingredient on the Devloka and, as god went about creating more and more souls, the devas grew concerned over the depleting ingredient and approached god.
“Oh my Lord! ‘Swesh’  is our magic potion. It gives us indomitable strength to fight against the Asuras. Please leave some of it for our hard times”, they pleaded.
God heeded to their request and decided to save the resource.
He then came up with a plan to divide the existing souls and distributed them among the human beings.
He knew the effects of soul splitting; that it would grow restless as the humans attained the age of puberty. However, he decided to play along……….
“After all”, he thought; “I could use some fun watching the humans play the game of ‘soul hunting’!!!!”
“Wait!!! Soul splitting is fine, but how do you explain crushes?”
When god split the soul, the splinters stuck to other soul pieces.
Sometimes, destiny brings together people with speckles of the soul and there is feeble attraction between them.
If the speckle encounters its master soul, there is a strong one sided attraction of the speckle to its master soul.
“How do you explain attraction to people belonging to the same gender???”
Simple!! The split souls went into people belonging to the same ilk, gender-wise.
“I’m not buying this mythological stuff!! Gimme a better example to explain this soul mate thing!! :-P”
Okay! It’s like a lock and key relationship. You can put a lot of keys into the lock, but only one can open it. The concept is similar to that of finding that special person who holds the key to your heart.
“Hmmm… Can you elucidate??”
There might be several people who try to open the lock- those are the ones with keys which fit into the key-hole, but fail to open the lock.
Some others might not fit the bill at all- the ones with keys which fail to even enter the key-hole.
There is only one key which is capable of opening the lock and lo behold! It is the key belonging to your soul-mate!!!
“What about duplicate keys?  :-P” #JustAsking,YouKnow..
Well, the duplicates are, but made from the original. So are children who are born out of the parents (like the duplicate keys)
*Let’s say, the children born out of the original key successfully put into the hole get the rights to the heart, too? (pun intended)*
 Hmm……That makes sense to me….. (You??)

To be continued (maybe)…….
{These are just folksy thoughts which struck us while discussing the concept of “love”. The mythological explanation is, but a figment of our imagination. 
But, who knows, the world might owe its genesis to such things, unknown to humankind !!}

©Swetha Vasu


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