The Devotion of Suspect X – Book Review

For a few minutes after reading this book, I sat in complete silence trying to let the story sink into my senses. “Was it a thriller?” I asked myself, only to be defied by my conscience………
It was a love story weaved into the plot of suspense, I concluded. 
After all, Ishigami’s love for Yasuko was the vein of the story, wasn’t it???
The Devotion of Suspect X” by Keigo Higashino is a tale of unconditional love of a man for a woman who finds herself caught in a whirlpool of incidents from which there is no turning back…
Ishigami, a mathematics teacher at high school is the neighbor of Yasuko, a single mother with a daughter. When her tryst with her ex-husband, after several years of estrangement leads to unfortunate events, Ishigami offers to rescue the mother-daughter duo from their miseries. (It was, after all, the teacher’s only way to get close to the woman he loved!)
The tale is intriguing for most of the pages and, you refuse to put it down in anticipation of what comes next, but, what promises to be a great story in the beginning comes as a disappointment when one of the key characters throws in the towel. You begin to wonder as to what reasons triggered the turn of events, vaguely hoping for a brilliantly masterminded incident to occur at the end, but, the story ends on saggy lines of sentiment. Nevertheless, full credits have to be given to the author for keeping the readers glued to the book with interest for most parts of it.  
Yukawa’s character of a physicist, a genius on par with Ishigami is a real strength to the plot of the novel and adds pace to the storyline. Kusanagi’s role of an investigating officer who falls a prey to the perfectly laid gambit is well etched. Ishigami’s mastermind moves, with Yukawa close on heels are the highlight of the book. Kudo, as an old time acquaintance/ patron of Yasuko adds a different emotional angle to the plot. On closer look, you tend to believe that Kudo’s introduction is the reason for the turn of events in an otherwise fast paced plot.
The denouement is quite touching where the scheme of things is slowly unraveled. When motives come to light, you begin to feel sorry for Ishigami and wonder if such an elaborate plan had to be conjured in the first place if the end was what it was going to be.
The book, however proves worthy of its title and conveys the “Devotion of Suspect X” as lucidly and movingly as possible. However, you tend to expect more of thrill from a book which is touted as a best-selling “thriller”.
Bottom-Line: A second read might make the plot seem stale, but you can be guaranteed of a very interesting one time read. J
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