The Wedding

Quite a lot of things had been happening, as a result of which my blog had been neglected. (Not that I had anything interesting to say during the hiatus, but, you know? )Okay! The customary intro apart, here’s what this extremely short poem (of sorts) is gonna be about: “The Criminal waste of wealth called “Weddings”” .
(I’m definitely not among the firsts in bringing up the Ostentatious-ness of Indian marriages and hence, I shall call this a mere re-plug of thought(s).  )

The Wedding*


The girl was decked in yellow metal from top to toe;
The beauty of her face was veiled by the glitter of what she wore.
She stood mutely, bearing the weight of the ornaments, double her own.
Studded with diamonds, was her wedding gown…

It was her wedding day,
But, she seemed not dressed not for the occasion;
But, for what awaited her post that—
a life filled with burden, commitment & woes…..

The hall was decorated with exotic flowers from all over the world;
The groom shined in a suit, worthy of auction…
As they sat together before the fire,
With hymns sung for the reunion,
The crowd cheered:
Ah!! What a “Golden” couple!
And in the undercurrent,
Unknown to the them, went the sneering whisper,
“Worth a 100 crores ??”


(*This is an impromptu poem)



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