The Krishna Key- Book Review

“Emerging from the shadows, Langdon and Sophie moved stealthily up the deserted Grand Gallery corridor toward the emergency exit stairwell.
As he moved, Langdon felt like he was trying to assemble a jigsaw puzzle in the dark. The newest aspect of this mystery was a deeply troubling one: The captain of the Judicial Police is trying to frame me for murder”—The DaVinci Code

Replace “Robert Langdon” with “Ravi Mohan Saini” and “Sophie Neveu” with “Priya Ratnani” and Lo Behold! You have the Krishna Key…. Or so you think….

While drawing parallels between the Krishna Key and the DaVinci Code is but natural, to me, it is like drawing parallels between Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boys- while none can refute the similarity in their genres, each book can be enjoyed for its individual plots…..

   The story of “The Krishna Key” is fast paced and is strewn with incidents from the Mahabharata, probably to give an insight to the readers unfamiliar with the tale. For those who’ve read the epic, the snippets describing the tale from Lord Krishna’s perspective will seem redundant as it has no connection to the main plot, predominantly.

   It is a historical thriller-fiction and a historian for the protagonist (Saini) fits the bill. Priya Ratnani disguised as a doctoral student, Tarak Vakil as a serial Killer, Varshney-Chhedi-Kurkude-Bhojaraj as experts in their fields of study, Radhika Singh as the shrewd police officer, her aid, Rathore all add relevance to the story. While you can’t complain of redundant roles, the characterization seems to lack the depth. The tale is quite predictable and the narrative sags at parts. The incidents revolving around the Somnath and Kailash seem like mere additions to protract the tale, especially since the chase abruptly ends there and shifts to Varanasi and to the Taj Mahal. 

         **The mystery surrounding the Taj and claims of it being a Shiva Temple once is a well-known research story. Ample evidence for the same is rife on the internet. The author could have presented the same as information, instead of a discovery. **

Also, questions remain unanswered- what is the proof that the Key is where the protagonists claim it to be? Do we merely take Saini’s enthusiasm and his rather awkward deduction of the cryptic message as evidence for the same? Afterall, his deductions were proved wrong in the earlier ventures! The end doesn’t give a sense of completeness. The author could have used some scientific methods to add credence to the end. 

         However, despite the flaws, the author’s effort to unravel the Vedic mysteries is commendable. The book is full of facts, some known and some unknown. The supremacy of the ancients is well expressed in this book. The book may not be the best of its kind, but, it is surely worth a read. 

P.S:Chanakya’s chant was fresh and intriguing. This book disappoints you a little, but, that’s merely because you expect a lot from this author. Ashwin Sanghi is capable of writing better books than this and I look forward to reading all of them!

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