Thundergod – The Ascendance of Indra( Book review )

This review is written for the uncorrected bound proof from Westland ltd and may not be applicable to the final version of the same.
I’ve always had a liking for mythological stories and the title piqued my interest when it was out for review. But, I wasn’t least expecting the book to be what it ultimately turned out to be! Here’s why!

·         Thundergod – The Ascendance of Indra by Rajiv G Menon is a bungled fiction which attempts to portray mythology differently, but in vain.
·          Indra is depicted as a child born out of a “mortal and divine” consummation (Daeyus, a valiant deva and Gaia, a goddess) who is brought up under the guidance of Mitra, a king turned sage.  He later goes on to conquer the world and is supported by Agni, Vayu, Varuna and Soma in his quest. The tale is a typical one, strewn with episodes of war, love et al.
·         The writing style lacks a flow which makes it hard to read from one page to another. 
·         There are ample love making scenes, but they are bereft of the charm. The sensuality is lost in the awkward portrayal; nor does it blend with the story seamlessly.
·         I was quite lost while reading; filled with questions right from the start. Too many characters are introduced without proper introductions. The story would have stood out if the author had cut down/ improvised on the characterizations
·         No doubt , a lot of research has been put  into framing the plots for the story, but, the efforts seem to go in vain on grounds of the style in which it has been put forth
·         Somewhere through the book, your interest falters.

There are some interesting scenes as well- like the one which precedes Susena, the high priest’s death, but they are overshadowed by the abundance of unwanted descriptions elsewhere.

**Having read books of the Shiva Triology which were fresh, this book, which seems to follow that genre falls short of expectations. For a maiden attempt, it can be given a pass, though…**

In short, this book is a medley of incidents from the Indian mythology; haphazardly written and connected: a commercialization of mythology, in some ways ……
“You can read it out of curiosity and who knows? You might end up liking it too..”
P.S:The uncorrected bound proof sure needs a lot of corrections and cuts if it has to turn out to be a page turner !
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