Shorter than Short- Tales of Love and Life-I

(This is a very short story story-line. No intense emotions have been incorporated in this write-up)

(Marina Beach, Chennai : 26-Dec-2004- 6:00 A.M)

The calming melody of the waves reached his ears as he stood on the sands, along the beach.  His mind, however, was far from the mood reflected by his surroundings. Life’s torments had taken a toll on him and his existence was reduced to mere breathing……….

Life has more meaning when lived for another”, he thought to himself. “I have no reasons to live now”, he solemnly came to terms with the truth he had been denying himself for so long.

He continued to stare at the waves as they receded from the banks; her images flashing through his head, probably for the last time……


(27-Feb-2004, Triplicane, Chennai)

3 more days”, he said to himself “Just 3 more days and she’ll be back”.
The mere thought of her coming back after 2 long weeks filled him with joy. He had been missing her, a lot…… Ever since the first time he had met her, he had been deeply in love with Shobana; her long locks, her big eyes, her laughter, all brought to him a sense of happiness which he couldn’t quite describe.
He switched on the TV to watch the daily news.
The headlines flashed….

(15 min later….)

Calling Shoba…” his mobile screen flashed for the nth time as he called her, agitatedly.
The subscribed cannot be reached..” the monotonous voice at the other end repeated itself…..
He flung his mobile and wept inconsolably…..….


(Marina Beach, Chennai: 26-Dec-2004- 7:00 A.M)

There was a deep void within him. He had tried to lead a normal life, but, his soul wailed in solitude, each day, yearning for her. The Kanchenjunga Express crash had taken her out of his life, but, she still continued to live within him, tormenting him day in and day out with her physical absence. “To end one’s life is a cowardly act”, she would say and that had kept him alive for so long… He couldn’t take it anymore, he decided…..
He took a step closer to the sea….


(7:30 A.M)

The sea was calm, but, something wasn’t right…An evil portend?
As minutes ticked by, someone behind him shouted “Run!!!Earthquake !!!!!!!!”
He watched as the waves rose to a tremendous height….
“Move!!!!!!!!”  the man running past him tried to shake him from his firmly grounded spot…..
He continued to watch the waves rushing angrily towards the shore…..
Oh Shoba!! I’ll be at peace, finally!!” he muttered with a smile on his face as the waves swept him far, far away from the shores…

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There are numerous stories revolving around the tsunami episode and this is one purely imaginary tale. A man loses the enthusiasm to live a life bereft of his lover and decides to die, only to be swept by the gigantic waves. He could have turned back on his decision, but, nature had it reserved for him and he accepts it…..


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