Wings of Silence- Book Review

If simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, then this book bears testimony to it … 

      A very well written book, with a simple storyline, it keeps you glued to the pages from start till the end.  Saurav and Raj Sethi are the sons of the Air-force official, Akshay Sethi. While one is endowed with brilliance and a natural talent to top in all aspects, the other isn’t so lucky.

     The characterizations chalked out by the author of the two brothers, and their father’s attitude towards them, is lucid. The story portrays the bonding between the brothers and subtly brings out the importance of relationships. It also drives home a point that through sheer determination and perseverance, one can move mountains!

      The book has its flaws and some negligible pace-deterrents.  
For example, the transition of Saurav from being the selfish sibling to being the one who forsakes his flourishing career for his brother happens a little too fast. 
All this for a girl ?” ,you wonder, but as the story unfolds , you tend to stop wondering and start accepting it. At parts, the emotions don’t feel as deep as they should and the author could have elaborated on its intensity. 

      However, in spite of these flaws, this debut novel can be applauded for its simple narrative and a story line which , although not entirely new, tastes like “an old wine in a new bottle?”  🙂

(*I’ve tried to include only the bare-minimum spoiler(s) for this story- without divulging the details of the story…. I would rather that you bought this from the stores and read it..*)

P.S: Some directors might want to consider making this into a movie. This book has a lot of commercial ingredients to it!!

P.P.S: I would like to thank Westland publications for giving out this book as a part of their #Story140 contest


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