Gobbledegook- A Poem

The most beautiful thing about life
Is life itself, I bet;
With uncertainties Rife,
It is beyond what our senses have met, yet….

The present is never our “Present
Until it becomes a thing of past;
And, when it’s absent,
It leaves us with memories, till we last!


Relationships, we take for granted,
Till the time
We feel the need to be wanted,
Selfish? Yes; Is it a crime?

“Lol” is how we laugh;
“:-(” is how we cry;
“<3” is for our better half;
“:-p”, for when we feel sly..

We chase dreams that
To us, seldom mean;
And, on winning, we beam, but,
For how long? That remains to be seen..

“Friends are those who sugar-coat;
Enemies, those who do not;”
The above lines, I wish I could unquote,
But, that’s what life has taught    😛

The most beautiful thing in life is
probably life itself, I believe..
Its flaws, hard to miss;
And Happiness, a state to conceive……

(Please read after 5 minutes of reading the poem)
Author’s Note:
The charm of poetry, in some ways, lies in unraveling its interpretation. I’m sure you’ve had your chance in interpreting the poem written. So, I’ll take my turn in explaining what I intended to convey through the lines, now:
“To acknowledge the good, we would need the evil;
To know the right, we would need the wrong…
But, sometimes, it’s about neither the right, nor the wrong; it’s about a sublime feeling that makes you appreciate things in what lies between the two….
The poem might seem to capture the flaws of human nature in a sarcastic tone; starting with “Life is beautiful” and moving on to some traits, widely perceived as negative. But, the intention was far from it.. The poem I believe, denotes the charm of life which, in spite of its boldednegatives, is an enigma by itself; something to cherish while looking back…… 

In a crux:
Why does beauty have to be “that blissful, positive” thing, always?
(Title of the poem explained)
Life is like the word below,
“Gobbledegook(FrobbledefrookNobbledenook) “.. makes no sense, but, continues to exist (er.. the word… It exists only on this blog.. googling won’t throw any result(s))….
This post is a part of WOW- Write over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda




6 thoughts on “Gobbledegook- A Poem

  1. AYUSHI... says:

    Very nice poem Sweta.. I loved this..Specially the lines “Friends are those who sugar-coat;Enemies, those who do not;”The above lines, I wish I could unquote,But, that’s what life has taught :-PHappy blogging… 🙂

  2. ritu says:

    Wonderful! especially these lines: “Lol” is how we laugh;“:-(” is how we cry;“<3” is for our better half;“:-p”, for when we feel sly.. So true!

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