The Bankster- Book Review (poem)


What started casually became an obsession;
This book didn’t let me abandon it, till its completion!
A gripping tale revolving around the dark side of the banking world; the treacheries, the smuggling and other machinations;
It is a thriller in every sense!
The story begins in Angola, SA where a Joseph Braganza deals with blood diamonds – Don style;
It moves to The Greater Boston Global Bank, Mumbai for the next while;

Tanuja as the HR, Vikram as the Bank’s manipulative head;
The plot moves swiftly with the bank’s employees found, one after the other, dead!
Raymond as the tough officer of anti-compliance
Adds to the story, more thrill and credence;
Harshita as the Veteran RM of the bank
Struggles to stand up to the new hire, Zinaida’s swank;
Meanwhile, Krishna Menon, a veteran, elsewhere spearheads an anti-nuclear campaign;
Which he regrets later and tries to refrain;
Enter Karan Punjabi and the story picks up pace;
He is the “star” of the plot and TOI’s face;
The suspense kills,
as the author takes forward the narrative without any distract-ive frills;
The script is elusive at the high points of revelations,
Thereby taking the reader to new levels of thrilling elation-s ..
This book is a page turner – dealing with people who break the law,
The characterizations fit neatly like a Jigsaw
Flaws?? “Glaringly”, not any;
I bet this book will be enjoyed by many!!
Looking for a week-end read?
This book will fulfill your need!
I had originally written this review in the prose format, only to realize that it actually sounded poetic to the ears.
Wonderful book, Mr.Ravi Subramanian! Looking forward to more from you! Kudos ! 🙂
Also, be assured that I shall grab the copies of your other books, which I haven’t read yet !
  • You can watch the book trailer here
  • The book teaser can be viewed here

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