Straight from theShe Clan- 5 reasons “Why men should NOT favor the facial growth”

An exaggerated imagination is required to read this post…



In a recent survey conducted by an agency on

What men think, makes them attractive to women”, a whooping 90% gave the following answer:
The reason?
A majority felt that sporting a beard made them feel ‘Wanted ’…
The women-folk seemed to think so too ….:-P (see below)
Wanted Men-Satire



These species would like to maintain monopoly over their spikes which is known to be present only on the cheeks of 1 other species….. (No prizes for guessing!)
 Google seems to think that there are no “uses” to the facial growth on men ! (Why challenge the search Giant?)
Google Results-Men and beard
and, the women think these (stubbles on men) should soon become vestigial, too…..
Of course, some men might argue that the ‘growth on their face’ serves as a substitute for acupuncture.. They even claim that this should be “reason enough” for women to start getting closer to them…
Acupuncture, alright… But Look ! Who else is enjoying the services for FREE !
Man with flies on beard
Tim Spencer in his book, ‘Cigareets and Whuskey and Wild, Wild Women’ once said:
“A cigarette is like fire at one end and a fool at the other end”
Women have a different version to it ,applicable to men with beards….
As for the men, they may want to reconsider smoking when their stubbles are long enough to……well…
Beard on fore
“Cigarette: Is like fire at one end and a *fool+fire* at the other end—She definition
(Connotation: Beard catches fire while smoking)


To all the men out there:

Not Convinced with the reasons ??

There’s then only 1 way to test it and that’s to “try” it…. 

Good Luck!


  • The ideas are concocted and have been posted merely for the sake of humor (which of course, in turn is a relative concept)
  •  This post is not meant to offend any section of the society and offence, if any, is completely unintentional
  • Some images in this post have been picked out of google search and some others, created..


This post is a part of the Shave or Crave movement in association with The biggest community of Indian Bloggers”


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