What next? Another Rape?

Lot has been said over the last few days (to an extent that they can be branded as clichés, now) ….
Little, done….

We debate issues on media and social networking sites ; Pray for the safety of women; Pity them; Bandy ideas of punishment(s) for the culprits, and then?

It’ll be a walk back to square one, nothing more!

It is not the first time that an incident of rape has been brought to spotlight.

India, in fact, has a history of it.

What needs to be addressed here is just one question and that’s: “How are we going to end it?”

We could do it in some ways. Here are some ideas:

•We need an Operation ‘X’, pronto
• The police should go in mufti to all the vulnerable locations throughout the country, preferably with a woman accomplice and catch all those who violate the laws governing the safety of women, even mildly
•The perpetrators should be publicly punished and tortured
•The punishment meted out to these violators should be publicized
Fear” should be instilled in the minds of every single man and even the remotest though of Violating a woman should be eradicated

(Some claim that there is a dearth of police force in India to handle this. I’m all for the idea of ramping down the VIP security and using the same for the protection of women, as expressed by many)

Is someone listening?


•Somewhere, I think Indians have faltered in their understanding of sex and women
•Education can correct the thought
•But, unfortunately, we already have a generation of people with skewed thoughts which, I reckon, would be hard to correct (I’m not skeptical! Just practical ! ). We can look to curb those thoughts and Law is the weapon that we need

As Mark Twain said:
“Everything has its limits. Iron ore cannot be educated into Gold


  • Probably, the reason for such episodes can be traced to the another practice: Female Infanticide
  • More men; less women and hence sexual repression
  • Of course, I’m not justifying the acts, but merely contemplating the reasons for such acts of barbarisms (More often than less, we are too keen on calling the other wrong, that we often miss out on the root causes for such crimes)
  • I think it’s time to put a full stop to the other evil enveloping the Indian society. Surely that will be a start to a better society in future

We have signed petitions; we have staged protests…. It is disheartening to hear stories of the rape victim for 3 days in a row.
The culprits have been arrested; lame ideas have been suggested by the government. If this case is fast tracked, it must have been closed by now. What is the government waiting for? Haven’t we waited enough? We need immediate action to eradicate such beastly acts. Justice to this rape victim does not end the issue. It is a bigger issue staring at us on our face and we need solutions to it…. Not consolations….

On this note,
To some, this is exactly what we would want to say to the world, now :

3 thoughts on “What next? Another Rape?

  1. Manish Nasa says:

    I think the law agencies will always have their limitations. What we need to do is culture the minds. I did a little bit of research on the topic, here are some useful findings – goo.gl/E7ZTl, please take a read…

  2. Swetha Vasu says:

    The idea of an operation to eradicate is still within the ambit of the law agencies.. Culture the minds, yes..It is definitely possible in far future. As for the present, it is a herculean task as this so called "culture" (in a skewed sense) is a "habit" for many and , habits die hard.. To rectify the doings in the near future, we need stricter laws, IMO 🙂

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