RIP – Book review


What would happen if a bunch of Special Forces officers decide to take Law in their hands to get rid of corrupt politicians?

Well, that’s what RIP is all about!!
Interspersed with incidents of love, relationships and hate- the ingredients considered important for a novel these days, this book follows the suit of several other books with a slight difference of being on lines of a military-like genre.

Colonel Krishna Athawale and his team comprising of his comrades from military days (fondly referred to as the K-Team), take down people in power, one after the other. Their agenda is quite simple- to seek justice, which is mired in political machinations.
The story has ample action sequences which have been well constructed. The pace is quite well maintained too.
However, right from the start till the end, you get the feeling that you know all the political characters portrayed in this book. The author has a strong disclaimer stating that this is a work of fiction and that the resemblances to reality are purely coincidental. This disclaimer fails to convince the readers of the fictional nature of the portrayals in the book!

Why did the author have to take incidents directly out of the Indian Media to unravel his plot? Wasn’t there a more creative way to do so? Or was he thinking that this would make a better impact than a completely fictional one, on the readers?
Well, this book might have been born out of anger, but, it certainly lacks a subtlety in expression of certain political incidents. To a fiction lover, it feels far from fiction. There is a disappointment in terms of creativity in this book. It feels like a newspaper inter-fused with action sequences.
Meanwhile, we have a typical drama unfolding, between a beautiful news anchor Reena Bhagat , a “single mother” and Colonel Krishna, a “single father”. Such sequences are a common thing in fictions and Bollywood movies and hence can skip being reviewed here, exclusively.
The climax lacks fervor, but, it is nevertheless good. There are some sequences where you wonder if an Ex-Officer could not notice being stalked, but, in the intent of the plot, you can ignore this feeling.

In a crux,RIP is a book meant to be a casual read and it plays its part well at being just that. However, as a reader looking for some elegance in the content, you might be disappointed, especially if you have followed Indian politics closely. Even in terms of military and warfare, there are no elaborate sequences- just cursory mentions of the artillery used. Is it a good book? A Yes and a No-depending on what you expect out of reading a novel. If you are looking for a novel to merely beguile your hours without placing any weightage on the literary content, then, go ahead! Read it. Otherwise, Er…


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