The February Poems- I

A 16 year old’s poem on her first crush:

Thinking about this guy,

Makes me go so high;

I wonder why

O Conscience! Do not lie…………….


He drives the car,

On roads made of tar,

It’s soooo much fun, without any bar;

O! I could go riding with him, far, far and far!!


He is a ‘lil naughty,

And he thinks he is a 1 in a mil hottie,

Havta admit, he’s totty,

And, sometimes, this makes you dotty!!


His smile, so innocent;

He talks with his hands raised and fingers bent;

To all your wants, he’ll relent;

Hey girls!! He’s mine and not for rent…:-P


Bushy are his eyebrows,

With him, you are a victim of cupid’s arrows,

Life is full of highs and lows;

But, love for him: It grows and grows…..

Feb come after Jan;

He doesn’t know, but I’m his big fan,

I think he is just the perfect man;

I wonder if he’ll be forever with me, if he can……….



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