February Poems- II

This is a short poem on the Journey called “Relationship ”  between a boy and a girl  man and a woman:-)

“You play tennis, too?” she asked

“Ah! She likes me! ”, he thought;
“Yes, I do” he said; his elation well masked;
She mused, “He looks the cutest of the lot”…

So, they met and met
In movies, restaurants and mall(s)
Until they decided that they were all set
To take the “relationship” call

Passed, some months and some more months,
And if you thought life for them was smooth, “You are a dunce”!

“You are Wrong!”, she insisted
“No, I’m Right!”, he persisted
“You’ll never change”, she fumed
He thought, “Oops! I’m now Doomed

“You know, you are at fault too”, he changed the argument gears,
“Buy Why?”, her eyes welled with tears
“Sorry” he mumbled, and at times, even wrote;
“It does not make a dead man alive”, she would quote;

Passed some days and some more days
And to make up, they found some usual ways

“You are the best. I love you”, he hugged
“Me Too”, she tugged
So, a hug and a tug was all that it took,
To restore the good times, Look !!



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