Lessons from Life: Part 1

(This is a series of stories of “mundane” happenings from my life.

I believe that these incidents, albeit prosaic, carry a deeper significance in terms of Life’s lessons)


I live as a Paying Guest in an apartment in Bangalore, along with 8 other “random folks”.
The owner stays one floor above us and comes once in the morning and in the night, to check if things are fine.
She constantly cribs about one thing whenever she comes:
That the exhaust fan in the bathroom is “always on” and that it draws a lot of power.She thinks, we keep it switched on for the “Entire Day” and blames this for the huge electricity Bill !!

Her allegations are baseless on 2 grounds:
One: The exhaust does NOT draw significant power; at least not enough to to be the sole reason for the Rs.5000 bill

Two: She comes only twice a day and during times when the girls take bath, which makes it necessary to use the exhaust, then.

We tried explaining, but in vain. She cut the power supply to the exhaust which does not work anymore.

Now, this incident taught me a valuable lesson:

“Never judge anything by what you see at the surface”.
We see things only from “our perspective”, most of the times (like the owner who saw the exhaust fan “on” during the two times of her visit and concluded that it was “on” for the  entire day)
What about the other side?

We need to understand that before jumping to conclusions.
A lot of people around me are as impulsive as this owner.

They do not wait to see the reasoning of the other and take drastic steps.

I would say:

“Listen, Understand and decide”


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