When simple Gestures mean a Lot…

I am a woman.
I stand up to my rights and command the respect of my fellow human beings.
I’m an independent thinker and I do not let the system decide the path of my life……
Yet, In spite of all my independence, there are times when I’m “inter-dependent”.
Not because I’m weak, but because “I like it”…

Whenever I don the role of a “Woman” who can rule the world, all on her own, I end up feeling this way:
(If not soon, soon enough…)

Of course, this does not mean that I’m a woman with weak goals or ambitions; it only means that I like breathing in a little Love and leading a simpler life.

When Blogadda announced this initiative, I was surprised to read some comments on their page:

Women expressing, quite strongly that the topic was biased…

Why? I could not quite understand…

There’s an analogy between “Women and India “…

India is an independent nation.

Yet, it depends on its neighboring countries.

It is independent while being interdependent. ..

We have Indian Soldiers posted at the border, to protect the nation.

We look up to the soldiers for protecting the nation, don’t we?

Do we say, “India does not need them?”

(Well, if India didn’t need them, then great!, but that’s a different situation…Bliss to the nation)

If Women are like India, then, the men who stand by women in times of their need are like the Soldiers at the border. They deserve “Respect”.(And, no, “Respect” is not gender based….)

On that note, I would like to honor this friend who was there at the time of my need:

I live in an apartment which is close to a flyover, in a metropolitan city.

There are several apartments under construction, close to this place, and the construction workers loiter around; sometimes drunk and sometimes smoking a “beedi”…

One night, a group of us went to watch the movie “Vishwaroopam” (this movie, during the ban period was played only in select theaters and mostly only as a night show and we were eager to watch it!), and hence, got home a little late.

My friend dropped all of us in our respective homes, in his car, and I was the last one to be dropped.

I insisted on getting down at the beginning of the road to my apt., which, I thought would be convenient for both of us, although my friend offered to drop me at my doorstep.

After all, I thought, I just had to walk for a “100” meters to get home and it could save him the trouble of taking a long U-Turn. The security guards would be posted on the road, too…

Assuring my friend that I would be safe, repeatedly, I got down.

He drove past.

As I walked towards my apartment, I saw a group of men smoking “beedi”s and standing by the roadside.

They gave me a hard stare.

I slowed down my steps and looked back.

I realized that the security guards were not posted at their spots as they should have been.

Panic struck me at the heart…

The men took a few steps towards me.

Their eyes were red, probably from being drunk.

I picked up my phone and started dialing my friend’s number.

Even before the call reached, I felt the headlights of a car behind me..

Seeing the car on the street, the men backed off.It was my friend. He had dropped me, but, he had wanted to ensure that I reached safely. So, he had taken the route back.I could not find words to thank him. Such simple gestures mean a lot, especially at times of need….


On a different note, the men who walked towards me could have meant No harm. They could have walked towards their destination and I could have been there at that time.

But, let’s face it. The timing was all wrong and it had “evil intentions” painted all over it, from a human mentality perspective.
In that situation of panic and helplessness, and in the higher possibility of the latter, than the former, his presence was a relief.

And hey! They walked “back” on seeing the headlights…
There are several men who stand up to a crisis.
While honoring this friend of mine, I would also like to extend my deep felt gratitude towards all those who protect and care for their fellow human beings with sensitivity and kindness.
These simple gestures restore my faith in humanity which is otherwise discouraged by the daily news….
When I informed my friend that I would be honoring him, he was shy. He believes that men who do greater deeds need to be “honored”.
He doesn’t know that his turning back on his route to check on my safety, that day, was a great deed in my dictionary, given the circumstances that I was under….
Just like, “serving food”  to a family which can afford a 4 coarse meal is not a great deed, but,for a family in need , it is…

This post is a part of #Soldierforwomen in association with BlogAdda.com



It did not strike me when I wrote this, but, as someone pointed out, the incident here is similar to the one in this ad:

I guess, some acts manifest themselves in different ways as there is No different way to do them 😉}


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