Behind the Silicon Mask – Book Review

Turn the first few pages and you’ll be lost in a myriad of characters; you’ll want to think of this one as a confused piece of writing and probably close this book and move on to the next…

But, wait…
Patience might prove to be “rewarding”, in this case…
As the story progresses, things fall into place and the characters make more sense.

The writing style is a little loose and some characterizations seem unnecessary, but, a flow is maintained in the second half of this book which makes it a good read.

The author has made some profound references to things about life and the entangled human emotions, and, these parts are interesting enough to keep the readers glued to the pages.
However, as a package, it gets a little chaotic and without a sense of direction, at times.
This is a thriller, supposedly, but, the thrill is not maintained from the start till the end; it’s like, the “thrill” aspect has been splattered here and there.
But, that’s okay, I guess…

After all, that’s what happens in movies too. In fact, we could get someone to direct and produce a movie based on the lines of this book; after editing out the unnecessary elements from the tale…
A serial killer makes a hit; then there is an IT based company with Indian employees working their as**s off; some romance and some complicated romance and then the serial killer, again…
Partho Sen is a genius IT professional who, along with Varun, Kamaal, Samit and some others goes on an onsite assignment to the Milwaukee center of CIKS, an IT company. Things get tough when news about a serial killer targeting immigrants reaches its peak frenzy with the news coverage by a beautiful anchor.
Will the Indian immigrants working for CIKS be the next target of the killer?
Laks Deshpande, a head at CIKS, meanwhile emphasizes on work over the safety of her employees. Laks is a woman who hates to take failure in her stride. She has a sycophant in a guy by name RV. Except for the scene of monopoly at RV’s home which triggers some incidents, neither he, nor his wife has any significant role to play. The Poem written by Geetika which features in the book is neat. But, her character lacks a strong portrayal, nor is it complete.
Meanwhile, there is the ex-wife of the serial killer. But, what about her?
The story is a little incomplete from that front. Was she his accomplice feigning innocence?
In a crux:

This book is a fair attempt by the author at writing a thriller. However, the characterizations are weak. There is no sense of completeness in the portrayal of any of the characters, except probably for Partho who probably resembles a close friend of the author’s which made it easier to complete his characterization.

It almost seems like the author wanted to get done with this story, soon.

A little more detail and tautness in the narration would have made this book a very good one.

The acknowledgements section mentions that the author has won awards for his short stories. I haven’t read any of those, but, from this book, it is evident that he writes short sequences pretty well, while missing a little from a bigger picture perspective.

A decent one time read, though…

It is not a waste…


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