Tantra- Book Review

“This has got to be interesting”….

That’s what I thought when I read the gist of this book.
A female protagonist with action sequences; Vampire plot and the title-Tantra: all of it was intriguing enough for me to sit back on a Sunday afternoon with a cup of coffee.
But, it was painstakingly slow to read this book till the point where Anu, the protagonist encounters Misra, the baby blood sucking vampire…

The author seems to have taken some 20 odd pages to warm up to a style of writing which would be good enough to keep the readers glued to the pages without them having to sift restlessly through other things while reading the book…

So, if you can cross this speed check, this book proves a good entertainer.

The plot is different from the ones that Indian authors (I’m specific about the word Indian here, merely to avoid being refuted on the grounds that the “Vampire Genre of writing” has been already dealt with…) generally deal with: the characters have the “spunk” (vampires in leather suits and stuff) ; skim through the “flat rooftops”, in chase sequences; Vampires who suck baby blood; dark forces which arise from Tantra (something like the ones that happen in Telugu movies) etc., and these, if not unique in their idea, prove to be entertaining at the least.
The characterizations of Gaurav (the guy who flirts with Anu, the protagonist) and Anu’s life in New York seem hazy among some other things.
It is racy at parts where the “Tantra” and the dark forces are described and it is during those sequences that you feel gratified about picking up this book to read. For a maiden attempt, the author has done a good job at this.
There are some unanswered questions: What about taking revenge on “Brian’s killer”? Is this gonna be a series (like the twilight series)? [I hope it is, at least for the sake of readers’ clarity]
At a rudimentary level, there are questions on how the vampires become the ones that they are.
You are left to read a book which begins with a hazy background on the characters and ends in a similar fashion.

It is hard to accept the notion of vampires chasing through streets of Delhi /New York without any hint of their background. It is due to the absence of such narrations that some sequences seem too unconvincing. The author could have added a sort of a prologue which explains certain things about them. This would have added more credence to the story (credence? Yeah …)
Also, just out of curiosity: “Why does Anu wear Leather clothing?” Is there a reason for having chosen leather in particular, for her attire?
In a Crux:

This is a book which is good, but not great in its form or narration. It lacks certain elements like clarity and characterizations. It is something which you might want to pick up for a casual read.
Is it worth treasuring? Nah…

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