Love at the time of Adversity

I have an aunt; a distant relation by blood. I met her a few days back at a family function. She had lost a lot of weight. She looked thin and pale, but, the charm of her smile was still in-tact. Standing beside her, was her husband. He had his hands over her shoulders lovingly, and was smiling at her, in the eyes.

They seemed to be so much in love; they seemed happy…

 Months back, my aunt had been diagnosed with breast cancer.


“Suganya (name changed) was shattered at that time”, her mom told some inquisitive relatives at the wedding.

She continued:

“She took the illness to her heart. It came at an unexpected time; a time when she was about to get married to her lover of 3 years… It was hard for her… It was hard for us”

“Her fiancé showed support, initially. He would come and take her to the doctor everyday… He would tell her that he would be there for her, always… She believed him.

She thought that she had hope left in life (in the form of him)…”

“The chemotherapy sessions were emotionally draining. She would often come home and stand by the mirror and count her hair…My poor girl! She suffered a lot…”

“Her fiancé, who would come often to visit her, reduced his visits and eventually stopped. This was during the time when the frequency of her therapy sessions was high.”

“By the time she was done with the treatment, he wouldn’t even pick her calls.

What happened to him? Why did he stop after pledging support? We did not have answers for it. He eventually married a woman his mother had chosen for him. (sighs)”.”

“Suganya, strangely showed more courage at taking the loss of the guy than she did, her illness. She was probably expecting this from him and we did not know of it.”

“She recovered slowly. After 5 months, she seemed normal…”

“We were happy. Our child was young and she deserved to live life without pain”

“She visited the doctor regularly and invested her free time in reading.”

“Sanjay (name changed) was her doctor. He treated her for her illness. He fell in love with her, during the treatment and wanted to marry her. She took her time to answer. The proposal at the time of betrayal came as a shock, more than as happiness to Suganya. She did not know how to react.”

“Sanjay is a kind man: not because he wanted to marry my daughter, but because he is compassionate about people. He respects the feelings and sees a person beyond their physical attractiveness”

“I think we were lucky enough to have found him. He takes good care of our girl. We are happy that she took the decision to marry him, albeit 3 months from the time he proposed. She wanted to be sure that she was completely alright before marrying this wonderful man”

“I just hope she is happy, now and forever. She has faced enough at this age…”

Suganya’s mother finished the story, wiping a tear off her eye and sighing with relief.


Now, think about it.

A woman (and men too, but, let’s focus on women first) is always in need of love; there is never enough of it…

What is a man, if he cannot stand by a woman he loves?

Is love just about being there when things are fine and absconding when things aren’t?

Is love about fun, fun and fun without the strings of responsibility, commitment and togetherness at times of adversities?

While there are men like the guy who betrayed my aunt, there are also men like her husband who stand by their women during their difficult times…

Life is about interdependence.

If behind every successful man, there is a woman, behind every happy woman, there is a man who knows how to love.

Through this post, I would like to honor every man who is there by his woman at her time of need; when she craves for support the most; when she pleads for hope and an understanding….


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