“It’s my duty”

Strange are the times that we live in…A simple gesture of kindness is hard to come by…

We talk about humanity at length, and yet fail to display it at a basic level.

We talk about justice to rape victims and fail to give a woman a ride in the night if she is stranded. We talk about respecting elders and yet fail to offer our seats to the elderly folks on the bus. We talk about child labor, and yet fail to notice the child cleaning the tables at the hotel.The list is endless…

We may not be able to provide a solution to all the problems in this world, but, if we can, we should.

But hey! I’m not going to be all didactic here.

This post is not intended to convey my beliefs, but to honor some men who choose to be different from the rest of the society in their own ways…

I was travelling in a crowded bus today.

It was hot and everybody was sweating profusely. The heat was draining the energy out of every man and woman ; it was quite evidently a stressful day for all the passengers.

The bus halted at the next stop. Some passengers went out and some others came in.

The crowd remained unaltered.

It was at this stop that a woman, pregnant in her later stages climbed into the bus.

She held the handle and closed her eyes, trying to gain some momentary relief.

The men and women who were seated comfortably, watched her and turned their heads, continuing to do what they were doing.

I watched, without having much to offer. I was a standing traveler, too.

I searched for empty seats and found one, but, 2 young women had spotted that earlier and were fighting to grab the place for themselves.

In the heat of the situation, an “old man”, probably in his seventies, got up and oferred his seat to the pregnant woman.

She thanked him profusely.

The man merely smiled and said that it was his pleasure to help.

The next stop came by. I thought it was his stop.

After all, hadn’t he offered her his seat? Why would an old man, fragile in his own way do that, when several youngsters hadn’t? It had to be his stop, I told myself…

I think I was skeptical and even judgmental, just like the society had taught me to think so.

But, I was in for a surprise. He was the last man to get down from the bus along with me!!!

Full of respect, I went and thanked the man for showing kindness, when he said:

“We were born to do that. Why should we be thanked for doing our duty?”


If you grew up during the nicer times, when “Showing Kindness” was not a choice, you might wonder as to why such a mundane episode is worthy of an honor.

But trust me, people like this man are hard to find and we need to do our due diligence in acknowledging such men…


This post is a part of #Soldierforwomen in association with BlogAdda.com

I would like to thank Blogadda for giving me this opportunity to write about men who make a difference. It was while trying to write that I noticed such men and felt blessed to have them around…


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